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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Let us give unto these, to whom I have sent my word through thee, a new lesson which shall carry with it great power and love. I say unto each of these ones, that I am come as man, clothed in flesh, even as each of them. I am that and more! I am no less for coming as mankind, for I am One with the ALL, the "Source",O, without beginning or end.

I am the Son of God, sent to find the lost, the ones which have forgotten their heritage from whence they came or whither they go. These are the ones referred to as the "Prodigal Sons", which have long since wandered in darkness...wandering and wondering; "Who am I?...Where cam I?...Where goest?

Yet they see not or hear mine call..."Come!...Come!...Come unto me with clean hands, a contrite heart". It is for that that I have taken upon mine self human form, because ye, have waited for the form like unto thine own. Yet it binds me not...I am fully aware of mine Oneness with the Source of Al Life and Light. In this Source I am complete...with the power to give and to take, to bring forth or to send away. I create that which is needful for the plan given unto me of the Father whci hast sent me.

The hour hast struck when humanity shall awaken, or be as ones removed into a place within the firmaments like unto their present environment, in which they might complete their maturity, their growth into the light. This is the plan of unfolding Truth and Justice unto a backward and dark world, yet to be awakened. For this I have returned unto thee, the ones which have a will to come out from the traitors and the infidels which make mock of me.

I am He which has come long ago. Then I said: "I shall go to prepare a place for thee" unto thine own nature, thine own making. I have designed a place wherein ye, each, shall find that for which ye have prepared to receive. Ye shall know that which ye have created therein, and ye shall own that creation, to do with as ye will...for that (thine free will) is the only thing ye shall take with thee into thine new place of abode.

The Will is thine key to the door ye have shut, which ye shall now open. There shall be no mistakes, for all is according the Law of Love and Justice. As ye have prepared thine self, so shall ye receive...

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Sori Sori: I am now speaking for the good of all. I give unto thee the power to use mine hand and take the privilege of using thine, for ye have given thine consent\freewill unto me to use thine hand. We are as One! I give unto thee mine hand, ye give unto me thine will, therefore we are as One in this effort to reach the ones which are seeking for light.

Now let us abide by our Fathers Will, for are we not brot forth this. His Will? Are we not His Will made manifest in flesh? I say, we are One in the "ALL"...we are not excluded from our Source! It is because of, or for, the reason that He IS, that we are! We, ye and I, know ourself to be...therefore we know He, the Source, which we call "Father", is that which sustains, upholds, and has a perfect plan for our eternal Being.

Let us reason: Why would the Source not know His Plan for His creation....a Perfect creation! Wiould hHe forgot his wayward Son, or forsake him, His "prodigal Son"? I say unto all and sundry: Ne'er does He forsake one of His children! While the Son hast forgotten the Father and lost his way, it is now come when it is the time of remembrance! For this I come crying, "Awaken! Hear me, and be ye blest of me and by me, for I come as one knowing mine Oneness with the Source.

I have received mine inheritane in full. This is the Will of the Father, that ALL be brought to remembrance, and returned unto thine rightful estate as One with me. Can, or will, ye mine "people", hear me...listen unto me...and be as One with me? Spurn not mine call! Give unto me thine hand in trust, with no doubt, no deceit.

Be not so foolish as to try to deceive thine self, for this is that which I call the "traitor" unto thine self. It is given unto me to know these for that which they are. None deceive me!

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