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The New Order


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


The New order

PPP (Represents an Order much more closely associated with earth-mankind, yet these have awakened to their true nature, and their Oneness with the Source) This signature is that which ye shall recognize me by, for ye (Thedra) shall come into the place wherein ye shall know each and every Order by their symbol, color and tone. For this we give forth a tone which is that which ye call vibration. For this ye know we are of the light.

Be ye as one to distinguish each as an aspect of the whole O, for this is is as the enlightenment of one brought in. There is no discord within this vibration as a whole. These vibrations make up the "great sound" of the cosmos....the "music of the spheres" it has been called. So be it ye shall hear this greatest of all sounds, which no man shall mimic. The whole of creation shall come to hear this sound, and the One with it.

It is this mighty sound, is that which hast the power to move mountains...yea, even planets it moveth. Now, upon thine Earth, there be a part in which there are so-called "symbols" (crop circles) which foretell of the power which hast such abilities to build great mountains or lay them low. This is the force which hast brought forth great movements of stone in various parts of the Earth (the pyramids of Egypt, the great Temples in Central and South America, etc.) which have been such a mystery unto man in this present time of his history. He hast forgotten the age in which this force was used for his enlightenment in and of the generations to come, to follow, while the same force hast lain low most of that which wast build up.

Now it is come that the same power, or force, is being known, or noticed, such as these circles, which are created by may call it ultra-sound, beyond the level of thine physical ear. This is for the purpose of bringing upon Earth a new order, a greater more harmonic order, in which there shall be perfect union and peace. It is written that peace shall be established upon the is so! So be it as it is written.

Too, it is written that we, the guardians of the Earth and man, have a plan for thy future, which shall be brought forth in the time which is at hand. This, our plan, hast set forth a mandate that war and hatred shall be no more. The mandate decrees that no man shall ever again raise his hand against his brother. These signs and mysterious formations are but our way of foretelling thee of our intent...that of bringing about a New Order of man...a balance between nature and man. Man of peace shall yet be as one united unit within the whole of creation O. Therein is a plan for the new order, which shall be as the earth hast never experienced.

It is written that there shall be a new Earth, and a new moon (see, Mine Intercom messages) whereupon the laggards shall become of the age of accountability. Now the ones of a mind to look and learn and read that which is given for their edification, shall be as the ones to hold the light for the ones to follow. These mysterious figures are the work of the ones ye might call the architects of the new Order. It behooves mankind to give of his energies and his ability unto the higher intelligence and power, that all mankind might become as of one parent, which makes of him (them) brothers.

Let them which hast the mind learn of the ones sent that there be peace, fellowship, and brotherhood, as one family, wherein they know of their inheritage and their Source. This new day is dawning in which the mysteries shall be revealed and all men, all mankind, shall drink from the fount, eat of the same loaf, speak the same language, and pay homage unto his Source of Being. So shall it be...Amen and Selah.


Awesome Crop Circle formation in England


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