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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: The Mighty Council hast decreed that there shall be an alert sounded throughout the civilized countries, and each one shall be as ones put on notice, for I say to all, that there shall be no atomic bombs or any such devices detonated. For should man take the Law into his own hands after this fiat goes forth, they shall be removed from the Earth by forces they have not reckoned with.

Now, it hast been said by the foolish (which know not that they are part of that which they shall reckon with), that we are prophets of doom. Yet they are the ones which have set into motion that which shall bring about their own doom.

I say unto them at this time: Helt ye! Go not further with they nefarious sciences for destruction. I am speaking out through the voices of mine chosen servants which have worked with me for the good of all mankind, that they (mankind) be spared. I have trained them, and they are they have been obedient unto me, mine voice, and willing to serve in any field on which they are called for duty.

I am not of a mind to stand by and see the work of the great overseers of this nation, this country, this world, this planet, go for naught....therefore, I say to every ruler of every country: Be ye up and about the business at hand. Lay aside the poison (nerve gas), the lethal implements of war. Remove thineself from such as would destroy the world of no part of it! Turn thine energies to peace and love, for the time quickly approaches when ye shall see that which hast been set into motion herefore, and ye shall be caused to remember these, mine words.

Now I say to all, everywhere...that mine voice shall be heard throughout the lands of Earth, and every word I say or have said shall be brought to memory. I say unto the ones which think themselves wise: Feign not wisdom ye fools, for ye have not reckoned with the forces of nature, or with the ones which have stood by ready for action, while ye have gone headlong into the plans which shall be unto thee thine own downfall.

Give unto me credit for knowing that which I am doing, for I say unto thee, I am the one who hast the power and authority to remove thee into a far corner, wherein ye shall be as ones far removed from the comforts and conveniences of this planet, which hast given unto thee the life and comfort ye have now planned to desecrate.

My hand is upon thee, and I say unto thee: Halt ye within thine tracks! From this day forward ye shall be on trial...and pray ye shall be not part of the great power which shall be set against thee, for ye are working with forces ye know not of.

Now, I am not finished...I shall speak again and again that ye perish not! Be ye as one prepared for the results of thine actions, which shall surely and truly come back unto thee threefold. I have spoken and mine words have been recorded as let it be!

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