Beloved Ones: This day let it be said that thine Mother Eternal hast nourished thee and held thee unto Her bosom in the time of thine long sojourn within the realms of manifestation. For it is by Me, for Mine part, that thou hast been comforted, fed and nourished while thou hast been within the manifested realms.

While it is said that "ye shall return until thine rightful estate," I say, ye shall no longer be bound in the denser world of the denser forms, the manifest world - that which is seen by flesh.

We are thine Eternal Parent, not Parents. We are ONE with our creation, our manifestation, for thou hast come out of Mine womb, nursed at Mine breast - YET NOT AS FLESH. While it is given unto thee to have the parents of flesh, so dost thou have Mother of Spirit, for flesh is the counterfeit, or counterpart of Spirit - Spirit, "So above, So Below. "

Flesh is weak, and Spirit is free. So be it that flesh comprehends not the things of Spirit. Whilst Spirit knows the weakness of flesh, it is the Animator and the Greater. I no way shall Spirit be less than Spirit, and that which IS shall always BE, while flesh shall pass unto its Source, that of the chemical world, the elements from which it is taken.

So be ye as ones prepared to step forth as oneness free from thine "pore" of chemical substance, and be ye as ones free forevermore as ones glorified, free from bondage of flesh - of the manifested substance of the world of dense form. There are forms, myriads of forms more glorious than thou hast imagined which is not of chemical substance.

Let the mind which is Mine be the mind which is thine, and I shall sustain thee. I shall be unto thee all that thou hast need of, for I AM thine Mother Eternal.


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