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We have made ourself known


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


We have made ourself known

(From the order much more closely associated with Earth-mankind, yet they have have awakened to their true nature, and their Oneness with the Source. They assist their Elder brothers)

This shall be mine report unto man of Earth at this hour. The situation within the "unholy" land of the East is in no way prepared for a peaceful solution. They are going headlong, against all our guidance and wishes, therefore, they are moving on their will. They have spurned our direction and admonition.

We have said each nation has been warned again and is so that they have turned their back on us of the Light Forces. We have sent emissaries unto them to plead for justice and peace....nothing the results, we of the greater Light/Knowledge have come to the conclusion that it is justice and mercy for the greater that we enter into the situation. For this is no small scale skirmish between small men. I say with authority, that this condition as it now exists concerns the Council, for it is within our province to stop the carnage before it goes so far as to destroy the planet.

The planet earth is part of our universe...and should there be one such dastardly (Atomic) explosion, such as they have the power to he which so ever put finger on the "hot button", shall be as the victim of his evil intent. This is as it is the law. While these warmongers know not that which they have set into motion, they are as children, little children, playing with power they know nothing of. Completely ignorant are these "warlords". They make plans, they go forth as ones puffed up with their ego, each with the intent to be the power which shall hold subservient his neighbor.

Now it is come that great changes shall be brought about in a very short time, as ye count time. We stand ready to move at the speed of light, if necessary. This word "if" is contingent upon man's ability to direct his attention to peaceful solutions, therefore, we have made our intentions known...So be it.


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