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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



There is much ado about who is who, and what is what...meaning what is of the Light and what is of the darkness. Let us be as One in this. I shall give you this portion for the good of all which are seeking the Light, and it shall be given unto them.

There are two ways to express this matter what is true and what is false. First, there are ones which have been labeled the "dark brothers"...the unknowing ones, we call these. There are many within the realms of darkness which have the mind to mimic the ones of Light, the ones which have all power to bring forth information which shall benefit mankind.

Now, the doors of the dark realms are opened, as is foretold. These are from the realm "where evil dwells" are coming into the realm of mankind. They are bringing chaos and confusion. They pose as "light workers" and they deceive by any means they can use that they might get in, into their victims which become their dupes or slaves.

They go to any end to get attention. Some come as from the darkest pits, others are simply "pranksters", ye have had such recorded by others. It depends upon the mentality, the desires, ambitions, and will of the ones which are called "channels". Yea, their previous understanding of communications, such as the fortune tellers or readers, or by other names, for the coin of the realm or for entertainment or amusement.

These open the door through which they, the dark ones, make their entrance. It is a very common sight to see these unknowing ones ("Channels") asking for information concerning advise or direction of these ones so commonly known as the "dark brothers", or the ones under the "black hood".

This is the pity, that they (the dark ones) have no moral sense and no scruples, no love for truth, or mercy for their poor dupes. We of the realms of light come in Light. We do not mimic any one...we stand on our own merit, and upon the firm foundation of the Light of the Christ. We have come unto the ones which have prepared themself to receive us which are clothed in Light, and therein is found no darkness. We have no hatred, no malice, no motive other than to bring light to a people which knows not freedom from bondage, which are enslaved. We offer them our hand, our service, our love. While we never impose upon the free will of one of these, it is our intent to free them, not to bind them.

Yet, it is written: "No man can serve two masters". We see these which we have called "dupes" clinging unto their false masters as though they were "gods". In fact they think of them as "gods"...they put their life in their hands. While the Brothers of Light are sent to deliver everyone out of bondage, these unknowing ones are led, as lambs, to their slaughter...yea unto the brink of destruction, before they realize they have been following blindly their false gods. (see our religion page)

Yet, we wait with the sword of truth and justice, praying the awakening comes soon. It is given unto us to see the pattern change. When the White Star of the East appears, then the unknowing ones shall know the Lighted Ones are come...that their salvation is nigh. So be it, let it be as it is foretold. Let it be as the Father hast willed it

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