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From the newsletters "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori: Sori: With these words I shall give unto thee a part or portion for the ones which are called "Lawyers". These which have within their hand the responsibility of's future. The responsibility is awesome!

What a responsibility, when one takes upon himself the part of judgment of another fellow brother! For this he shall be filled with compassion and love for all humanity. Unbiassed love should be his nature.

Then he should be as one unopinionated, without bias or prejudice. Before he gives his decision, he should at all times know the Law to be just, and at no time shall he deviate from the Law of Truth and Justice as he knows it to be

There are those which are the ones unconcerned for these precepts, for their greeds has blanked from their minds the meaning of justice. I ask thee, O Man, what think ye what justice is? Justice is that which is true, without prejudice or bias of any degree. The one in a position of giving council should be as one which has his hand, head, and heart within the Light, as One with me, the Light which I am, without any mockery or pretense.

He should be unafraid of any man's opinions or revenge. Only truth and love of his fellow creature shall fill his mind and govern his every action and word, for now, he too stands before the Mighty Council, where every word is recorded. While he is the one to judge himself, he shall have no choice but to be honest with self. This is the last judgment.

There are ones which are aware of this overall Law of Justice, while others there be that think to escape such self judgment. These are the ones which have betrayed themself. These shall be caught up short at time of accounting before the great and wise Counsel. They have no other course other than looking at that which is written within the Akasic records which no man can alter to suit self. For this is his own personal record which is automatic, even as thine most modern "gadgets" which are but a very poor likeness of our equipment within the realms of Light.

Now be ye not so sure that thine opinions shall serve thee well, for some of ye ones, to which I am directing these mine words, know NOTHING of that which ye shall be brought to encounter or learn. We, The Counsel, (of which I am head) are aware of thine time, and actions and intent, spent within or upon the Earth in the World of Man. I ask, what hast ye done with this precious time? Do ye not count time by pennies and dollars? Therefore I say unto thee, "even so within the next plane of existence". Thine actions, thine time and intent is recorded, for none escape the "Bar of Justice"within the inner courts.

I have spoken lightly upon this subject that ye might take thought of things yet to come. Be ye not quick to judge me, either that which IAm or mine intent, for I Am that which knows that which is going on with all realms, be they Light or dark.

I Am not limited....while ye, even the most learned amongst thee, know not as I know. While mine scribes/recorders are limited as to ways and means to record in full that which I can implant within thine mind directly when ye ask of me for inspiration, truth and direction, in thine daily affairs.

Blest shall thine reward when ye sincerely, honestly seek me out. I shall give of mine self that ye be enlightened and bless beyond comprehension. Then ye shall come to know the true from the false, from which comes all sorrow and fear. Be ye bless to hear that which I am saying unto thee for the good of all mankind.

I Am the one sent by mine Father, which is the giver of thine being. So be it I am One with Him...He and I are One. I AM, and thou are also, within His embrace.

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