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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


O : For this are we One. For this are we living, for the ALL is continual. Eternal are we within the ALL that is. Nothing exists without, for there is no without.


That which is called "God" is the "Source", the Light of ALL that IS. So be it that there is only IS! This cycle only knows change, rhythm, pulsating to the heart beat of the Source we are calling God, the eternal flame which burns within each creature on all planes of existence.

On each plane exists a pattern suitable for the life thereon. There is no place where life does not exist according unto the Law of Life. Life is not a is a plan, a Divine orderly Plan, designed by the Source. It is said, no man knows the is true. While the pattern, or blueprint, is made according to the Will of the "Source".


The Will of the "Source" is then given unto the "God, the Source of our existence, the one we call "Father" Let us consider: The Whole is no less for giving of Its self that He/She/It have other expressions, other forms, other vibrations on many and varied planes. Each plane like unto no other, differ in vibration...each planned for a purpose, which the younger creations comprehend not, for the "Source" only has the greater knowledge of the ALL, the Whole of Its Purpose.

Therefore It hast brought forth within Its Being other beings, now part of Its (Being), like unto It...thus we have one unto It (The Source), which we call "Father'


Now, here we find, we, by necessity, use parable: "The Father" speaks the Word as the Source Wills. The Father now speaks the Word as which bringth forth Sons, even as the "Source" brought forth our "Father".

Now we have the vibration change which is of denser nature...and according unto this vibration, or plan ( if you will), are the different species of life formed or brought forth within the plan, according unto the blueprint of the "Father".

Let us say: The Source is without form or dimension, until "The Father" is brought forth into existence. We the Sons of God, have no comprehension of the "Source". We do however know the "Father", for as we come to know ourself we understand Him which hast given unto us being. The words which we use to bring forth our ideas or remembrance of our being, in the realm of matter are inadequate. While there are many upon the little planet which has never given thought of his beginning or that which he is, neither that which is his inheritance....therefore the words which we send forth (herein) is meant that the time of learning is come. This is the day of awakening.

It is said, "The day of resurrection is come", for it is too written, that there are the walking dead upon the planet Earth. By the Will of the Father of us, the whole of creation, it is now come when we have answered the call "Go forth and claim Mine children which sleep in darkness". For this have we, the Sons of God the Father, come into the dimension of the Earth and her heavens that the sleepers be awakened and brought out before the next onrush of energy sweeps clean the Earth...for the ones which do not respond unto our vibration, or heed our call shall have a long and fretful sleep before the next onrush of Great Light which follows the present, which is termed the New Age, the Aquarian Age.

By the time that the great manifestation of the "Bright Star of the East" is seen by all, the awakening shall be sufficient that I might walk with them, and deliver unto them their inheritance. While it is the Father's Will that every living souls should receive his inheritance, none shall receive it until he wills it so.

This is the purpose of our appearance as "Star of the East", to awaken them that slumber in lethargy. The call is call out: "Awaken ye that sleepeth".

It is given unto the Host of Light to be sent of the Father God...they which know themself to be of the Source, One with the Father God, equal unto Him. So be it and Selah.

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