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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



I speak for mine Order, as we are thought, one intent, one purpose.

We come as a host of Lighted beings, from the realms of Light, wherein there is no darkness, no night or forgetfulness. We are the Light sent that men of Earth might be as one come arise, and come out of the pit. I say out of the pit! For we see him bound by his own actions, his own waywardness and rebellion. He has his mind clouded by his own ego. He hast his memory blanked from him, he hast been as one walking on the brink of destruction, while we are calling unto him (mankind) as a whole, "Awaken! Awaken!" Arise from thine deep and troubled sleep.

Hear ye which we say unto thee this day. The time is at hand when ye shall come to know thine self as brothers all, and love each other, as of one parent, the Father. No more shall ye go forth with evil intent to hold him (thine brother) bound to oppress and slay him as a pawn that ye use him unto thine evil end. I say, it shall be thine end, for no longer shall ye hold forth as the ones of such evil.

For a decree, from the throne of Light and the Mighty Counsel in which we of this Order work, hast gone forth to each and every one. ye shall no longer be as a oppressor of a people of thine own specie, born as man. Ye shall be as ones to garner in that which ye have sown in thine time of rebellion.

O man, ye have not take heed of the Law set before thee. Ye have thought thine self wise and of great power. Ye have not reckoned with the "Greater Power" in which we abide and use for the good of all. It is now come when we of the Greater Power shall take action. We shall, for once and for all time, remove thee (man of evil intent) from the planet Earth and plant thee upon another, wherein ye shall do that which ye have intended to do upon this beautiful germ, "Earth". For so goes the Law...the intent lives on, even as the slain (live on), to again and again work out the plan so created, be it evil or righteous.

Make ye no mistake about mine message unto thee. Ye shall meet thine enemy face to face in another realm, and find thine self the same, as ye had thought (thine self) so wise. Therein ye shall work out thine hatred and evil intentions unto the end, when ye shall awaken unto the Law of the ONE. Then ye shall know thine self to be of one life, one Source, one Father. At that time ye shall be allowed to call thine self "Son of God", for it is by his grace that ye shall be placed upon another place provided for thine progress.

However, let it be understood it shall be hard, and ye shall come to remember that which ye despoiled by thine hatred and rebellion. Ye shall cry for mercy until ye awaken unto the Law of Love and Oneness. The Law of Justice is just... there are no favorites. All are judged by their intent...each is his/her own judge.

While we of the greater light and wisdom can, by the Law of One, only advise, counsel, and direct...we cannot force or trespass upon thine free will. While we are, at this present, called forth that we may act in the present conflict called the Armageddon, for the good of all...I say our acts, or that which we shall do, shall be for the good of all mankind, FOR ALL TIME. Even though it be long, it shall be the end of the evil and dastardly practice.

It is so decreed, "IT SHALL END", for the Earth which hast given of herself that ye be comforted shall no longer give unto thee footing. It is so decreed that she shall be free, free to rest and be purified from all the evil desecration. She shall find a new place of rest, her new port, wherein she shall be prepared to receive the Sons of God...

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