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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: Be ye as the hand of me and record for them this mine word, that they might know that I am within the place wherein I am as one alert, knowing that which goes on within the world of man. I say unto them: I see the ones which run to and fro, as ones curious, looking for signs and wonders..."making the rounds" as it were. They are as ones "prospecting", looking for the elusive gold. It is not to be found beneath the rainbow's end!

I say they seek not after me, they follow not in mine footsteps. The follow strange gods...they seek out places wherein there are ones which set themself up. They have not learned the true from the false. Yet I have given unto them the "Way of the initiate, the '" Laws", the "Portions" ( The Scripts, recorded by Sister Thedra) which are designed to set them aright, with feet firmly plant on solid ground....yet they are found seeking out the ones which have set before them a table of poison on which to feast. It is given unto them to partake, knowing not that they shall sicken and suffer, from it and because of their gluttony.

They are forewarned: "Partake not of their board", for I have set up mine Altar and I have placed upon it the Bread of Life, which ye shall eat of and be fed and nourished, and suffer not. While it is now come that they are but the foolish casting about in dangerous waters, they shall find they have baited their own hooks wherein they shall be caught, wherein they shall be "hooked" is well to use the word "hooked", for they understand that which I say, so let it profit them.

Now, ponder ye well these mine words, all ye which run after the ones claiming to be the "One Sent"....for I say, they shall find themself caught up short. These are but impostors...IMPOSTORS I say! Mine servants put not their foot into their trap! They keep their own councel and waste not their energy for such as that which I abhor. I say, I abhor such deceit, such deception, for it is the way of the dragon to deceive them which are not learned in the way of the wise.

So let it be well with thee, O ye of little knowledge! Seek ye the light and I shall lead thee all the way. Fear not! Flaunt not thy puny knowledge, for it is of the lesser school. Be ye as one humble and be ye as one prepared to learn of that which I give unto thee, for I see thee in thy need. I supply it, and ye shall be wise indeed to heed this mine word, for I am not so foolish as to give unto the babe mine pearls of great price, which knows not their worth.


Sori Sori: For this hour let us give unto thee a part which shall be for them which "claim" for themself the part of "healer". These are the ones which seek to display their skills, their power, their wisdom. They are living in an illusion

The one which claim for himself the power to heal the body of such infirmities as that of palsy, broken bones, and the many pitfall cases of distress, is but deluding themself, for the healing power does not lie within them! They are the ones who "claim" to have the power which is not theirs. They are fraudulent, for I say unto them: Healing is a gift...the power is a gift...and the gift cometh from the Light, the "Source" of Light.

The ones which have the True gift boasts not of his powers. He struts not, for he knows that he is endowed with the gift which is the greatest gift bestowed upon man. Yet to heal him of his infirmities is not his greatest heal him in his parts, whereby he might discern his own malady, and be as one clean of spirit...and within himself go as one prepared to clean out his own closet, and be as one clean of Spirit.

Wherein hast it been said that the ones which are as the "walking dead" take up habitation within the unclean? And then they speak of "reincarnation" as the knew themself to be another so- and so, until they believe themself to be great and mighty kings and pharaohs of the Earth....while they are but hosting within their aura the "impostors" of the dark world of the discarnate spirits of the world of the "dead".

Death is not understood by man of flesh, for he knows not that he dies unto the flesh but once. He walks many times in flesh, yea, many times...yet he hast not fully known the magic, the so-called miracle of birth and death. The magic hast not been understood, yet the ones which practice "black magic" hast stumbled upon some of the principles, which are then used to confuse the unknowing ones.

I say, they are working their illusionary principles this day to ensnare the ones which no not. These are the ones which shall be snared in their own trap, in their own net. They shall find themself face to face with their foolishness, for they shall be called to account for such as they have done in mine name...for I have not called them to do these things which they call "miracles". I say, they shall be held responsible for their own traps in which they shall be held bound. So be it and Selah. It is the Law, the Just Law, that they learn.

It is said, the true soldier wears not the insignia of the enemy...yet I see them as ones wearing the Sacred Symbols while (also) displaying the insignia of the dragon. These insignias are written within the aura which they claim to know all about. They are as the false ones! For this I say unto thee, "Hear them out, see them for what they do...they are as ones playing with their toys". While i see them as babes which have not learned the first of their alphabet, they simply understand not that which is given so freely from the "Fount of Life". They walk in mystery, for they are born in mystery.

It is the way of the (true) Mystic to seek light, yet he claims not to know all things. He is very sure there is yet greater things that he must learn before he can truly say, "I am wise". The truly wise do not boast or strut, claiming to do the things accredited to the Magi, for he walks quietly and gently. As for the most part he is unknown, unsung, and ofttimes he is insulted and disgraced amongst men...yet he fears naught.

He hears that which they say, yet he feels only compassion for the little ones which know him not. He walks with sure foot, knowing from whence his strength, from whence his attributes, cometh. I say he, the initiate, asks no recognition of men. He finds no consolation within their insincere compliments, their laurels. He asks not, neither does he bid for their accolades. He goes about his business quietly and as one knowingly. He wavers not before the breeze which blows his way...he is sturdy, strong in his knowing. He rushes not after signs and wonders, seeking the favors of men, or recognition of his gifts, his worth.

This I would have them ponder upon! Consider well that what I have caused to be recorded for them which are of a mind to follow me where I go. I am free to go and come, for the Father hast given unto me mine passport. I am not denied. This is mine word unto them which would be free even as I. Mine word I give freely...freely ye shall accept, and freely shall ye come unto me as one clean, as one prepared to enter in. So let it be as ye will it.

None bring thee against thy will...none cleanses thy house of its foulness...yet I send unto thee ones which have gone the straight and narrow way in which I have led them. These are mine servants which I have called to assist thee, that ye too might find thy way.

Yet I see them which are rebellious turn from the servant, thinking themself wise! They go out as ones knowing not the first lesson which the initiate must first learn...that of obedience and respect. (see obedience unto the Law) The way of the Initiate is not is the way in which I point thee. And ye shall find therein many snares...yet I have plainly pointed them out, one by one, so that ye be not ensnared by the dark one.

So be it I watch with diligence that the young ones, (the neophytes) fall not, for I am not unmindful of them which are prone to seek Truth, the Light which fails not. The way of the Initiate is strait! The way is exact and turns neither to the left or to the right. It is the way that leads to joy and peace everlasting.

So be it Amen and Selah.

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