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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: Behold that which I shall do, for it is now come when there shall be a great wave of Light go forth which shall be as nothing aforetime. The populace shall be touched, and many shall awaken unto the fullness of their being...then there shall come a ray of light which shall touch the Earth, which shall be as a purifying agent.

The ones which are prepared shall be as "One", and nothing shall deter them in their part which hast been revealed. They shall go forth with the One, new of purpose...and this shall be given unto them to know, the purpose of this new manifestation.

There shall be great changes, which is our intent...for this have we, the Host, drawn nigh. Let it be said that ye shall look and see the changes now being manifest. And know ye that the time is now at hand when "man" shall move forward into the light...while the ones which have not heard the call shall be placed in a position of waiting a new day, another cycle shall we say. It is so written and it is so, for I have foreseen that all will not come forth as lighted beings...yet ye shall give no thought unto these, for it would but be a legiron unto thee.

Give thine energy unto that which is thine own part, for every man/being hast the same measure of Light when he so prepares himself to receive it. When they refuse it, they shall await their day when they are prepared to accept "us"for that which we are.

We come in concert that all might feel, see, and hear, that which we bring as benefactors. These which accept us and be as strong of character, and have the will to follow the Light, shall go all the way with us, unto the victory. They shall be the Victors. The way is now made clear. Let it be a day of great joy...for this hast man waited.

Give ye thine time unto that which I give unto thee to do. Be ye not concerned for frivolous things, for it profits thee naught. I say time is of the ye blest this day. I am.


From newsletter #55 Note:

The following messages are a continuation of the "Tribunal" messages which began in newsletter 54. Again we should note that the symbols used represent the different "Orders of Man" which are not bound by the limitation of flesh. The Highest of these Orders have their origin in earlier cycles of development, preceding the Earth, and thus they are referred to us as "the Elder Brothers". Although they do not directly interfere with the free will of man or the affairs of man, they have watched and guided his development from his inception on Earth to the closing of this present cycle...and thus they are also referred to as the "Guardians".

(Symbol) = The highest Order, the Ones of the Mighty Council, or the Over-all Council (sometimes referred to as the Christ Council).

(Symbol) = Although this Order is more closely associated with this present cycle, it is the next in line to the above Order, and are sometimes referred to as the Shepherds.

(Symbol) = Represents an Order much more closely associated with Earth-mankind, yet these have awakened to their true nature, and their Oneness with the Source.



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