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The Host


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


The Host

Sori Sori: This day I say unto them which have a mind to learn, that there are ones which stand by which await them. These ones which await their (mans) preparation are as ones illumined, and prepared to give unto them that which they have not learned within their Halls of Science or Philosophy.

We of the Host, have come from many galaxies to add our part unto that of our brother and compatriot Sananda...for he hast formulated this great and marvelous plan which he hast now completed for the benefit of all which have the will, the mind, to come forth to partake of that which we are prepared to give unto them.

For this we offer ourself that there be greater Light within the world of man...that all darkness be no more...that there be peace within the place wherein mankind shall be placed when the hour strikes...for Mother earth shall be evacuated.

This hast been referred to. Do ye, the ones which are now within the place wherein ye labor in bondage, remember that which hast been said as a warning? Did ye take note? Are thou prepared to go forth as one prepared to enter into the School of which is prepared on behalf of the children of the Earth? I say it is the greatest project which hast been brought into manifestation. Ye can not even imagine the magnitude of such as it is brought forth in love and mercy, that there be Light in the days of darkness. This shall be as a continual effort until every living creature is removed from the planet upon which ye now have footing.

So be it I am One with the Mighty Host, the great and Grand Council. We speak with one voice, one intent...that of bringing freedom unto an awakening people. We Will that all mankind awaken...So may it be! This is our mission, our intent.


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