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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



I come for the purpose of bringing thee into the place wherein I am...for this is it given unto me to know the hour in which this shall be done. No man knows the hour. While I say unto thee, the time is "now"...who among thee know how to calculate the time in our realm? We consider the signs of the heavens, as well as the conditions that man has created, and are creating.

We of the host are prepared for that which is necessary in any situation. We have the knowledge of man's nature, his passion and intentions, however, we watch with caution. We have called ourself, and rightfully so, "The Guardians", and that we are! We have the power and permission to take any action necessary to prevent the destruction, which is at thy "door", through the rebellion and wayward lot.

We of the Grand Council have the means by which to do that which man has not yet imaged, for he hast been as ones in deep sleep with his fearful nightmares, his paranoia and hatred. Yea, we are prepared to go all the way for the good of all. It is written that the Earth shall not be destroyed, "only the intent", as man is in the humor to do which would destroy the way of life on the planet Earth. This is our part, to uphold Justice Supreme.

We say to thee, mankind: Be sure of thine footing. Consider well that which ye fear, and the results of thine feverish actions, for we are a mighty Host of Power ye have not reckoned with. We are sent of the mighty Source that justice be done. Ye have been warned that ye shall not transgress the law which is the law by which ye shall survive, and yet nation after nation hast raised his hand against nation.

Transgression means destruction! Ye have been as a pack of mad dogs, giving forth great signs of the madness which shall consume thee. I say, ye shall be as ones thine own hatred and greed shall ye go forth in thine tremors of madness. Be ye reconciled, and study well thine ways. Listen unto the words which have been given, that ye go not so far that ye are the victims of thine own device. It is said: "Ye shall drink of the cup ye prepared for thine fellow man, thine brother". Be sure of that cups' content, mine unknowing ones which now glamor for superiority, for supremacy among the nations.!

Give ye heed and listen ye intently, for ye are dealing with a power beyond thine wildest imagination. Ye have not conceived anything of so great magnitude. Be ye blest to heed, and turn thine hand to the way of peace and peaceful coexistence.

I am a voice out of the Cosmos, speaking for the purpose of bringing forth great knowledge that ye be spared a fate worse than death. Ye have but to cooperate with us of the Light...for we are offering our service in sincerity, with Love and Wisdom.


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