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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



While there are others which are of our order, we are now of one body, one intent...for one purpose are we come as of one body. There are conditions within the Earth at the present time which is of such nature that we of these two bodies have affiliated our self in the "project" which is before us...that of assisting the peace efforts. For this we of the two groups have come into these great halls of light that we might be prepared to enter into the affairs of man of Earth for long have we watched the situation, within the East particularly. We see it taking on grave proportions which should be the undoing of all mankind without a greater power intervenes, which we have been asked by the "Greatest Power" to do.

We are not warriors, as ye of Earth know. We are come into this place for the purpose of awakening the warriors of the Earth. These of which I call warmongers, and whores and spores, have become so filled with greed and hate that there is great intent on their diabolical plan, which should be the end of all and sundry should we not come forth with that power of which wee are endowed. It is now given unto us permission to interfere with their plans which are in the propositions set forth.

At this moment there grows and festers such hatred and determination to settle these quarrels, these disputes, (that) we see no peaceful solutions within their reach, as they have been working in their own self interest, self will. Not as yet have we seen any way they shall settle this conflict without great destruction, for there is too many in conflict, one against the other. While they have one common bond, that of possession and power over their neighbor, which has the same rights as the other.

We see no coalition of peaceful solution at present. This is the reason that we come of the Greater Power, of the Light, which man in his present state has, as yet, not come to know. Man, as a body, "as a unit of being" of the same Source, have divided themself one against the other, until there looms upon the horizon a great disaster involving the greater part of the population of the planet. For this, we of this Council, the Great Tribunal, shall be within the Law to proceed with our plan... that of bringing forth a lasting and peaceful solution for the good of the Earth, (which is as a being, even as man) and the manifestation thereon.

We of the Light Forces shall be as the overseer, as one united body of such power and wisdom, that man of evil intent shall be dealt with in the manner we see Justice, Love and for the benefit of all mankind shall it be. No man shall stay the hand which shall move in "mysterious ways". No man can phantom the way in which our plan for unity and his future hast been brought about.

He, as manifested upon the Earth at this present development, shall not explore such regions as we know, and the power within. I say unto mankind, We are of the "Source" of all creation, even as he...while he hast forgotten his inheritance.

Now we, as the Elders, know the Law of the "One", O, that which is our Source, in which we as a unit, are given this the right to go forth in great strength that there be greater understanding among the children of Earth. However, they are not, as yet, aware of that which they shall become. We as the Elders see and know that they do not see, for they have followed blindly the false gods which they have set up for themself.

They have bowed down before these idols and worshipped, knowing not from whence they (man) came, neither their inheritance, their Source. We come as the wayshowers, as the Elder Brothers, saying unto the children of Earth: "We are of One Source...of eternal life we, All. We are brothers, of one eternal parentage. We are sent unto thee at this dark hour that ye be as ones prepared to awaken unto us as brothers, to accept the gift which we bring unto thee...that of total freedom from bondage. For our love and Oneness, we come that ye be spared.



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