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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



While there are ones which have rebelled against the word given forth from the Great and Mighty Council, we have given the Word of Power which shall bring them to the awareness that there are ones which have the greater knowledge and power, This power which belongs unto man, is subservient unto the ones of light. Man hast not yet learned that he is not the highest or the most powerful.

While he hast gone headlong in his unknowing, in his lust for power, he hast brought forth that condition which is now necessary for us of the Light Forces to set in action a reasonable and just measure to set thing s in order. I tell thee, man of little knowledge, of the Light Forces which is now prepared for to give assistance unto the ones of peace and justice.

Be ye appraised of that which hast been said here-to-fore. The time is upon thee when ye shall be as ones caught within thine own trap, which ye have foolishly set for thine brother. It is clearly seen and noted that each one which hast the mind to give unto his brother the "bitter cup", shall drink of it..That which he hast prepared for his brother, he shall drink! It is the Law!

Now it is the time for reconciliation, before there is a great and mighty catastrophe, which should be the end of all the hate and the greed. For they which have set up the conditions which now exist within the land where they are at the business of taking from each other that (land & oil) which belongs to NO MAN...for the man of Earth owns nothing that he can rightly claim exclusive right to. I tell thee, no man is justified to bring disaster upon the whole of the Earth's manifestation in his rush for power and the gifts of Mother Earth. No man shall be justified to destroy his brother!

I here, this day, say unto one and all, be he whom-so-ever sets himself up as a supreme authority, with the intent to destroy his brother, be it for oil, land or any other of Earth's gifts unto man, which was given to share as one family of "man"...he hast become as foolish, fiendish animals! with the power which he hast created with evil intent, that of being the supreme power over another specie. While one rages and cries against the other, Higher Law of Justice, of love for one another, they set themself up for selfdestruction.

Now, it is seen that the time is upon us of the greater Tribunal, that we shall be justified thru and by the Greater Law of Justice for all, that we of the Greater Tribunal shall take action to prevent the greater destruction. While we can not, by law (of which we are speaking), bring unto the ones of such evil intent any assistance what so ever...for ye, O man of evil intent, which sets thineself up as a great power to rule over thy weaker brother, shall be the looser in your game. I say in simple language, you have set the fuse for thine own destruction...while we are helpless to assist thee in your plan ye have been intent on, that of being the "Super Power".

Oh, pity art thou, oh fools of little understanding of the Greater Law that ye have overlooked in thine mad rush for supremacy. Be ye here forewarned of that which is our intention in this diabolical dispute, so foolishly and purposefully, perpetuated and engaged in by the ones of no knowledge of the Higher Laws, which all manifestation comes under. W are aware of thine action and intent. We are prepared to do that which is in our jurisdiction and power, with "Justice for all", to bring forth and set straight that which thou hast made crooked.

We as the ones of greater knowledge and power, herein this day, do solemnly swear unto thee, oh man of evil intent, "ye shall not go farther in thine evil intent without self destruction". Let it be understood before it comes to pass. Let thine mind and intention be turned unto peaceful and wise solutions.

I am the voice from out the Light, which sees and knows the results of man's way's, be they for weal of woe. Justice is mine name and nature.


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