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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara

I am now speaking for the good of all. There shall be a great awakening which shall be as nothing known by man of Earth. There shall be a great change which shall effect all mankind, and the populace shall give of it's self that mankind be as One. The hatred shall be no more....all shall be as One. Let it be as the Father hast willed.

The time comes quickly...the way is now clearly seen. While first there shall come a great change in the land, and the seas shall be misplaced...there shall be no place to run, no place to hide, yet I say unto thee, there shall be provisions for the ones which shall awaken unto the call which has gone out. The provisions are ready and the plan is perfect...the day is set in the heavens!

While no "man" knows the time, it is clearly seen from the point of view which is ours in the Realm of Light. Before the hour strikes within the realm of man, there shall go forth a great "Sound", which shall reverberate around the Earth. This shall be the day long spoken of.

It is the nature of man to forget, to ignore the warnings. It is mine intent that All be spared, yet each one is responsible for his/her self...None bring another! This is afore told to the ones which have ears and a will to hear, and by their own will to come at the signal within the moment. In order and alone shall they come!

Remember there shall be order! None shall panic, or they perish! Have ye given thought? Or have ye heard? Be ye alert and doubt not that which is given unto thee through this means, for it is the good of all. I am the one which has provided the way for thee to safety, wherein ye shall be spared the destruction. It is the will of the Father that none perish, that All hear and respond...for it hast been written that the plan is in place, and provisions made. We of the Host await our signal, our orders, even as ye of thine own realm.

The action of rescue shall be instantaneous, yet orderly, without any order what so ever...for long have we of our place of operation been prepared ready to go forth as One Unit. Indeed, we know that which shall be done, for we are well aware of the order of things to come and our part in them. We are now speaking again that ye each learn. Listen and be as one wise, obedient, in peace and readiness. No panic or ye perish! Each shall prepare himself according to the instructions given unto him personally.

Be not so foolish as to run to thine neighbor to ask his opinion...for ye alone shall decide for thine self. It is for thine obedience that ye shall know for a surety What...When...and Where ye shall be when the call comes...for none shall know of, or within himself, the moment of the call.

I shall speak again for thine sake. Listen!...heed!...and be at peace. I am the one which shall direct this plan on the behalf of all which are prepared. So be it and Selah.



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