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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: Mine time is come when I shall come as man, and be as man, for the purpose of allowing man to know that he has the same heritage and Source as I. It is written that all the mystery about me shall be made clear, as for mine parentage and existence as man of earth.

Long, long ago, man walked and talked with me as one of their kind. It was given unto me to be as he...the difficulty was that he know not of his Source. While I was one of his kind, he did not know of our Oneness...this I taught them, that we were "One...of one Father, Source", which had sent me as the Elder Brother.

Then there sprung forth much fallacy which wast taken to be truth by the priesthood, for their fallacy gave them such power and ambitions that it swallowed them up. They grew in power sufficiently to bind them (the masses) which were willing to follow them blindly, making of them the servants which bowed before these ( priests) which knew not of their Source.

These which bowed unto these unknowing ones, became as they, perpetrators of lies, which they pass on, generation upon generation, until little truth of mine teachings now exists.

For this I now come, that I might straighten that which hast been made crooked. I shall bring forth, for the sake of all mankind, the Truth as I taught it unto man so long ago. By the means of mine existence into flesh shall I bring them into the light of their true being, even as I.

It is not mine intent to make mystery, or gather unto mine self worshippers. I shall gather together the ones which hast the will to learn of the verities of mine precepts, and the knowledge of their gifts bestowed upon them from their beginning of their going out into the world of flesh creatures, made by the design of the Source of all life, the Cause of their being.

I shall bring these willing and lighted ones forth as one prepared to go forth with me into greater realms of light, greater heights, wherein they shall know themselves to be One with me, and these shall know as I know. No more shall they bow down unto the ones which call themselves "Father", or "Master" over the ones in ignorance of their Source. I shall give unto the Source of all knowledge and Truth credit for that which I AM. I shall reveal unto these which have the the will to learn, that which shall free them from all bondage. I shall give unto the Source the credit for the power and knowledge of our being, that they be as ones free from all bondage such as they have been subservient to, lo the many aeons.

It is now come that many shall be brought out as free borne, renewed of spirit and flesh. These shall be the ones delivered up as ones "made new" by the authority and power invested in me as the "Son of God", the Father of us all. I come in his name, his nature, by his will I come unto man of Earth this day.

I come that he, mankind, be as one with me, for it is written as of old, "The Father and I are One" it is as it is written. Thus, these which are willing to go all the way with me shall find that they have chosen the Greater Part, that which is/shall be their freedom.

This is the word I give unto thee, mine devoted and beloved handmaiden, at this hour, in the "Day of the Lord". By mine own hand I shall bless thee as I have been bless of mine Father which hast sent me.

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