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Light Network Presents:

"The Messages from Sananda"


The above photograph was taken on June 1, 1961, in Chichen Itza, Yucatan.

Sananda appeared in a visible, tangible body and permitted his photograph to be taken



Recorded by Sister Thedra


Imagine Christ approximately 2000 years ago.
He has been communicating to us again in the 1900's
throughout many new writings and teachings.

What if you came across these hardly known writings?
Brought to you through Sister Thedra (from 1900-1992),
who dedicated her whole life to write all these messages down.

What would you do?
Wouldn't you present those writings,
and make them available for your fellow human beings?

Honoring her lifetime dedications for the well-being of mankind?
That is what we are doing out of gratitude.
Read the words, but even more important
is to feel the intention behind the words,
because soon there may come a time
when you need to remember these words.

Please keep in mind; wherever you read in the files the words;
"follow me", that the meaning thereof is;
"follow me back Home, I am the Wayshower"

From the newsletters "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara
Sister Thedra passed away in 1992

Authority to use the name of Sananda

"Sori Sori: Mine hand I have placed upon thine head, and I have given unto thee the authority to use Mine name. Give unto them the name Sananda, by which they shall know Me as the Lord thy God - the Son of God sent that ye be made to know Me, the One sent from out the inner temple that there be Light in the world of men."
(The meaning of "Lord God:
"The Lord God, for he is "Lord" of, and responsible for, that which he has brought forth.)

"Now it is come when ones which have the will to follow Me shall come to know Me by that name which I commanded thee to give unto the world as Mine "New name." There are many which shall call upon the name of Jesus, yet they will deny the New name as they are want to do. While unto thee I give assurance that I am the One sent that there be Light in the world of men. Now let this be understood, that they which deny Mine New Name deny Me by any name. So be it I have appointed thee Mine spokesman; I've given unto thee the power and authority to speak for being that which I AM. And I say unto thee Mine child whom I have called forth and anointed thee with the Holy Spirit, thy name shall be as it is now called, Thedra - that name I spoke unto thee from out the eth, and thou heard Me and accepted that which I gave unto thee; and wherein have I deceived thee? Wherein have I forgotten thee, or left thee alone?"

"I say unto thee, Mine hand is upon thee and I shall sustain thee and you shall come to know that which I have kept for thee. So be it that I have kept thy reward, and at no time shall it be dissipated of scattered, for it is intact. So let this Mine Word suffice them which question thee - let them question, and I shall bear witness for thee. For do I not know Mine servants from the traitor? Do I not reward Mine servants according unto their works or merits? I speak that they might know that I am mindful of mine servants, that I am not a poor punny priest who has forgotten his servants."

"I say unto them, Mine servants shall be glorified above the crowned heads of the nations which have set themselves apart, and denied Me Mine part of Mine word - for they have turned from Me in their conceit and forgetfulness."

"Now let this go on record as Mine Word, and I shall give unto them proof, which are of a mind to follow Me. So be it as I have spoken and I am not finished; I shall speak again and again, and I shall rise Mine Voice against them which set foot against Mine servants, and they shall be as ones cast out. So let them ask of Me and I shall enlighten them. So be it I know whereof I speak. Be ye as ones blest to accept Me and know Me for that which I AM."


Excerpt from the Book of Sananda:
"Be ye at peace - peace I give unto thee; let thine time be Mine time. Rest in the knowing that I am thine Shield and thine Buckler, and at no time shall I deceive thee. I hold thee within Mine embrace, and I shall not let thee go. I am come that ye might have communion with Me, that ye might know Me, that ye might be as one with Me. I Am the One Sent that ye be found and brot out of bondage, for long hast thou been bound in darkness. Now ye shall wait upon Me, the Lord thy God, and no other gods shall ye have before Me. Such is Mine Word unto thee this day"


(Sister Thedra May 6, 1900 - June 13, 1992)

Over 40 years ago Sister Thedra was healed of cancer by the one she new then as Jesus. When asked what she might do to repay him, he replied "Feed my people" When asked what she would feed them, he replied "I Will Give You The Food. Over the next 40 years he gave her over 4000 pages of spiritual teachings which she was instructed to give out to all who asked. During that time he asked her to begin introducing his true name, Sananda, which she was to make known to those who sought out his living words.

The above photograph was taken on June 1, 1961, when he appeared in visible tangible form. At that time Sister Thedra was given permission to use it in association with the work which she was to do.

From Earth receives the Sons of God-The Aryan

Recorded by Sister Thedra of the Order of the Esmerald Cross, on the shore of Lake Titicaca, in the high Andes Mountains of Peru, South America..

Excerpt (part 6)

"ye shall not be deceived, for it is given unto the Father to know and to stand ready to give unto thee as ye are prepared to receive. And He is not deceived by appearances, for He has given unto thee thy being and He knows wherein ye are prepared. Ye shall learn to say "Father, thy will be done in me, through me, by me and for me", for it is "thy passport" into the inner temple. And be ye not deceived, for there are none so foolish as they who think themselves wise.

Now in the day of thy seeking, the black dragon shall seek thee out. He shall endeavor to ensnare thee, and ye shall be alert and wise. And ye shall be silent and ye shall ask no man's opinion, and ye shall give unto the Father credit for thy being and for the oneness with Him, and ye shall look to Him for thy salvation. And ye shall keep thy own counsel, for blest indeed is the one who keeps his is thy defense against the black dragon, and ye shall not be in any wise deceived by him, for he revealeth himself for what he is.

And thy sword of light shall be thy only weapon, and ye shall carry it day by day and by night. And nothing shall prevail against thee. And so be it that ye shall know such peace as ye have not known since thy going out from the Father-Mother, and ye shall receive the blessings of them from the Inner Temple which await thy coming. And so be it and Selah.

-- end excerpt -

* * *

Rest in the knowing that I am thine Shield and thine Buckler, and at no time shall I deceive thee.



The Source - The Father

"CCC This ye shall recognize as mine Order for I come on behalf of my Order which is ONE with the S S S
and the P P P. For we, as the three, are ONE.. One of mind, intent, and purpose, in the light of the One which ye call God. We call It "Father.", Source of being, for in this Source we have our being; unto this Source of light we owe our life, our allegiance; on this Source we rely. We are of It and in It - It sustains us. This Source we call Solen Aum Solen. There is no greater name, no greater sound than this, for this be that which brings forth great reverberations throughout the cosmos.

(Note: We are told "Solen" means "Ensouled within"... within all that IS.)

The Father - The Son

"From the thought of Solen Aum Solen was made lesser light (a being - the Father) yet of the same and only Source, for there is but one "Source" of life. From this thought (The Father) was made or created a being (The Son) of the same Power and Substance as the thought set into motion. From this motion another thought created a likeness of the first being (now two Sons). These two Beings were also set into motion, which in endless ages took form, yet not dense bodies of flesh and bone. Another period of creation came about by this breathing in/out, in which these two took upon themself another change, wherein they became aware of themself as ONE, of One Source. This Source gave unto them free will, and as they became creatures of the will, they desired to create as the Source, in Light and Power. "

"And thy sword of Light shall be thy only weapon, and ye shall carry it day by night. And nothing shall prevail against thee. And so be it that ye shall know such peace as ye have not known since thy going out from the Father-Mother, and ye shall receive the blessings of them from the inner Temple which await thy coming. And so be it and Selah."

* * *

The Affairs of Man

Sori: Mine word I would give unto thee this hour is: By the time they find this word, they shall see a change in the affairs of men, for the affairs of men shall be as never before. They shall be as ones concerned with the part of food and life, for life within flesh depends upon food..and this is the pity of it.

The puny part of food is the part which they give unto man. They want to improve on nature, and this is the poor part of wisdom. They classify each and every unit of food, and give it names and numbers...and they put within it poor additives, and they call it "enriched". How so is it enriched? By what means is it enriched?

This is the poor part of food. It is said, it is given unto the physical part of man to need food, food of the Earth, the substance of the Earth from which it cometh. Yet the Earth hast provided within the natural growth the needed substance for the body, the physical body of man.

It is said. "Make no fetish of food". Eat that which cometh from the Earth, and adulterate it not...the part which is added to, or taken away, is of no account. Yet ye shall remember that it is given unto the physical body to eat of the elements which are of earthly substance...that of the herbs, grain, and the fruit thereof.

The oxen is the oxen, man is man, and he hast not the same blood, the same photosphere...therefore man is not the beast, neither hast he the blood of the beast. He is the one set apart as man, and for this he shall refrain from consuming the flesh and blood of the animal. So be it the better part of wisdom.

Eat not the flesh of the carcass (animal) It is given unto me to know the Law, and I say unto them, they shall not partake of the carcass for it is not for them. It is given unto man to be of another order, yet he hast become carnivorous and he hast become as the beast, for he hast fallen. He hast become as the beast, yea lower than the beast.


" Man shall reap that which he hast sown. So be it the Law of Justice"


"As he hast prepared himself so shall he it as his own creation, his own environment. It hast been called the time of the harvest, the reaping. Each shall be his own harvester...he shall accept that which he hast sown as his portion, without rebellion, for it is the Law by which each man (each being) hast his being. The Law is exact...there is no mistake in the sifting and sorting. Each one shall know that which is his, for his name and number shall be clearly written upon his "score sheet", which he himself hast kept in the hours of his restless rebellion or sleep. There is an infallible Law "as ye are prepared so shall ye receive" "The Law of Justice is just..there are no favorites. All are judged by their intent...each is his own judge")

* * *

"This is the beginning of a New Day, when ye shall arise and be about the Fathers business, that ye shall cleanse thine being of all hatred and malice, greed and whoredom. Turn thine hand to service in the love of thine fellow man, in the Light which I AM."

* * *

"The Kingdom of God is spread upon the earth, but man has not the eyes to see it".

"Realize that man of Earth sees these things...but NOT as an expression of the Father, created for the upliftment of life...but as things to be exploited for his own selfish gain. Man in his original creation was meant to be the over-seer of this biological creation, but instead he has become the exploiter of this creation, which is just what the fallen angels intended.

* see in our The Master File"
* and visit "Healing our World" by
Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D

Realize that the Father has no part in creating the turmoil and confusion which man calls life upon the Earth...such is the creation of man and his own thinking. Man has forgotten the Father who brought him forth. Man of Earth defines and expresses life only in accordance with his own selfish desires, therefore he has forgotten his true oneness of all living things."

"While ye of Earth hast been told many things concerning us of the "Light Forces", ye haven not been given the true story, the whole story, neither hast ye been prepared to receive us. It is now time that ye become as ones sober, and be as ones alert as to play the part ye shall play in this, the Greatest Show On Earth".

"Now, be ye apprised of this action which shall be taken on behalf of all mankind. It hast been said many times that the populace is not prepared to receive us, the Host of Light". We tell thee of a surety, it is thy deliverance".

"When hast thou been deceived by the Light which hast been thine sustainer, thine creation? How think ye...that ye have been alone in all thine going out and coming in? We, and we alone, hast been thine keepers from total destruction! Be ye as ones to listen and heed that which shall come forth from us of the Forces of Light. Ye have listened unto the opposition, now it is time that We speak, and act in a manner befitting our station ".

" We come as "One", in great company, as Host of Light-sent of the All Mighty Creator, sustainer of Life/Light, which hast kept thee for this day...the Day of Deliverance. Nothing which is of Light shall harm they....rather, it is thine Shield and Bucker. In the Light ye hast thine being...thine only sure safety".

"Our mission is one of love and mercy and no man shall stay our hand, for it is given unto us to be One, as one purpose and intent...that of delivering mankind. The firmaments are as an open book unto us and we read that which is written therein".

* * *

"I say, the Law changeth is today as it was in the beginning: Thou shall not kill -Thou shall not trespass upon another -Thou shall not covet another 's possessions - Thou shall not hate - Thou shall love thine neighbor as thineself." So let it be."

It is said: 'THOU shall not KILL" Wherein hast the Father given unto them to take that which they cannot give? It is the downfall of many generations/civilizations - and again I say unto them: "Be ye mindful of that which ye set into motion, for it shall return unto thee, prest down and running over. Be ye as ones responsible for thine actions; walk ye circumspect in all thine ways, all thine days, and bless thineself in the doing." So be it I have spoken of the transgression of the Law and there is no justice therein.



This day I speak unto thee of the ones which hold forth within the Earth. Therein is great Light, for I say unto thee, there are ones which have established themself upon the Earth for the purpose of serving the Great Plan. They are of the Mighty Council and they know that which they come to do, yet they walk silently and humbly before the unknowing ones. They are not loud of voice, gaudy of dress, uncouth of manner. They swagger not, they boast not, neither do they become confused by the many creeds and dogmas, for they know wherein they are staid. They forget not that which they went forth to do, and they do it well...for this are they prepared.

They have prepared themself for their part. I say it is a sacrificial part, for they have lowered their Light that they might walk in thine midst, that they might mingle with them without interference...yet it bothers them not. While they have the power and the authority to deal with the wanton and unjust ones, they are just in their dealings...they know the Law and abide by it. Yet they have come that the wanton ones be put aright (set straight), and it is for this that they shall now make themself known, yet they shall not show their hand. Their presence shall be felt thruout the land, and they (the wanton ones) shall know that they are not alone.

I say they have come to do a mighty work, and they shall not betray their trust. They shall complete it with great haste, and then they shall return unto their own place of abode the victors. I say unto them, "Hail, Hail, Well Done" I know them and I am come that there be Light... so let it be.


Sori Sori: There is a plan - a great and noble plan for man - and it behooves thee to know the part which thou hast chosen. I say unto thee, thou hast chosen a noble plan.

When it is come that man has made his final play within the flesh, he shall stand as one attired in yet another body - yet it shall be unlike the flesh. While he shall have the same pattern, he shall not have the atomic, heavy body of Earth's substance. He shall have a body which shall be of Light Substance. - of the Substance of Light.

He shall wear it as a garment, not unlike the one he has worn, yet it shall not be unto him a bond - a bound. He shall have many bodies in his ascend, for he shall go from glory unto glory - each shall be more glorious, more beautiful, lighter. And at last he shall be free of all fetters, all bounds, ALL FETTERS, for AT LAST.


This day let it be said that there are ones which hold within their hands the power to put the Earth upon a course foreign unto her...there are others which have the power to put her into oblivion...yet I say unto thee, these shall be disarmed! For this we have been prepared. There is a plan which has been brot forth thru and by the Mighty Council, which has been perfected, and it is as nothing which the traitors have imagined. For it is given unto this "Council": to be the Benefactors of the Earth and the people thereof. There is no malice within us, for we are come that the greater plan might be brot into fulfillment. While it is a sorry part which the traitors play, they shall learn well the lessons, for it is the Law that they learn...therefore we stand by.

We give assistance when and where it is wise and prudent, and at no time do we trespass upon their Divine rights...yet there is provision made that they not be allowed to destroy the Earth which has given unto them footing! I say there is no provision made made for them, which would not justify our standing by and allowing such wanton and destruction.

So be it that we are now prepared to take drastic action, which is the better part of wisdom, it is for the sake of the entire system, not a few, yet the "few" shall profit mightly-the few being the ones which have been unto themself true. These shall not be sacrificed...these shall be remembered. So be it that we shall be in a position to speak unto the masses and they shall no longer fear...they shall no longer be held in bondage or darkness.

I say that the masses shall be in a position to choose for themself which way to go, and they shall be no longer afraid. They shall know that they have been deceived, and they shall no longer be afraid, for We, their Benefactors, shall prove ourself. And they shall wonder at the Light which we bring, for we are not of the Earth and we are not bound by the Law of Earth. We see from the higher point of view. We serve the Light, and we know that which we are about.

We shall carry out the plan of the Mighty Council with swiftness of the arrow and we shall do justice unto all, for justice shall reign supreme. There shall be no plan which is not fully sanctioned by the Great and Grand Council of the Great Brotherhood. It is with and by their sanction that we now release these parts of information, which is going forth for the purpose of awakening the masses. Let them awaken! So be it we have brot forth the plan and we are prepared to carry it to its conclusion.

Within the information received by Sister Thedra, mankind of earth has been described as being of four distinct natures.

... First are the Ones of Light - These are the ones who have come to realize that life has a far greater purpose, and are searching within their own Souls for greater understanding. They are asking for greater light, and are choosing to listen to the voice of the Soul, to listen within their hearts. These are no longer willing to accept the darkness or to follow blindly, but are seeking greater Light and are reaching for greater understanding.

... Second are the Sleepers - These are the people from around the world who are basically good people, yet they are asleep. They feel no urge to search for greater understanding, for they are still content within their dreams in flesh. They believe there is a God, yet they are content with false or limited concepts... believing that only the churches or the priesthood have the power to grant them entrance into heaven. They do not yet realize that they are already ONE with the Source itself. But the call is now going forth upon the "ethers" for the sleepers to awaken. We are told that when all is said and done that many of these will awaken to the final call, and will come forth seeking greater light. Yet those who choose to keep their fingers in their ears, who choose not to awaken, will pick up where they left off, yet in another place.

... Third are the Laggards - These are the ones who have made little progress during their long sojourn here upon the earth. Throughout many embodiments in flesh they have heard none of what has been given for their upliftment. While others sought for what little light was available, these "encased" themselves within their own ignorance and unknowing, and didn't even want to hear it. These, we are told, will go into the next cycle according to their choosing, to take the course over again so to speak. Within another place and yet another time, they will begin again... and once again they will be given the opportunity to go forward in their spiritual evolution.

... Last are the traitors - These we are told are the saddest of the lot, for they are the ones who have repeatedly betrayed themselves unto the whole rest of their species. These are the ones who have repeatedly sold out their fellow man for their own power and wealth, for their own gain and glory. Time and time again they have exploited their brothers and sisters, for they care only for themselves. They are also the war mongers, the hate mongers, who have repeatedly come into embodiment time and time again to incite hatred and oppression towards their fellow man, to incite violence and bloodshed, one against the other.

In the book "The White Star of The East", we are told: - ...

"While they shall awaken in the place prepared for them, they shall have their memory blanked from them and they shall have nothing! By their bare hands shall they scratch the soil for their substance (as primitive man). They shall have no memory of their previous existence, as tho they had none. These shall be the ones which have scoffed and put aside the many warnings sent forth from the realms of Light. These are the "traitors".

- end excerpt -


* The COUNCIL of all Councils:

"For it is but a moment of the Great and ALL time, for time is not measured in seasons, moons, or light-years by this Council. I say, We see that which is the fulness of The Plan; We see it as perfect. Yet man acts now - and of his own will-which none can calculate; not even man himself knoweth his next move - what he shall do tomorrow."

"I say: It is by the acceptance of The Father's Will that he gives his sacrifice, that We of the Council hear, that his movements can be calculated; for the WILL of The Father is known unto US. So be it man is free to choose his way at any time; then he is given a part in the Greater Plan - after he hast been found trust-worthy and acceptable unto the Council, thru which The Father works."

(It is the Organ thru which all the work for the systems of planets is accomplished, thru and by the combined efforts of a dedicated Company of Personalities-yea, I say, Personalities. While there are ones which would deny Us personality, I say We do have personality and individuality, with the Will (Combined Will) to serve the Light which never fails.)

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If you have the opportunity we recommend you to read the amazing books "Star Guests", "Golden Scripts" and "Seven Minutes in Eternity", written by William Dudley Pelley and published by Soulcraft Enterprises, Inc.(USA) (these are the books that I have read so far)
Soulcraft Enterprises, Inc.
P.O. Box 3579
Cottonwood, Arizona 86326
(928) 649-8585)
E-mail to:

Since 1928 William has been doing automatic handwriting and has published many books. The "Golden Scripts" and "Star Guests" are written in the same style, with the same vibration, as works done later on by Thedra, published by The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara. The messages differed from Thedra's work, in that instead of speaking from "The Council of all councils", the Christ Council presented itself as the "Goodly Company". In those earlier days the names of Sananda and Sanat Kumara weren't mentioned as they were later on in the messages through Thedra.

The Light Network Team, students of Life, presents to all of you
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