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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: Mine word I would give unto them which seek Truth and Understanding. These which seek shall find me, for I am come that they might have light, that they be delivered from their bondage. Bondage?...I say they are bound by ignorance and the opinions of men.

I have said, they know me not, yet I stand ready to reveal mineself unto them which heed mine word and keep mine Law. I've revealed unto them the Law, yet they turn they are ones following after the deceiver, which makes of them puppets, robots, tools within his hands, which he uses for his own selfish purposes. He, the deceiver, beguiles them with fool stench words, and they are so foolish as to heed him and ask for more. Poor foolish children!

I say, I am under no bondage unto him, the deceiver, therefore I owe him no allegiance. I am sent of mine Father that they be freed from him ( the deceiver), from his cunning and bondage.

How comes that they prefer his cunning?

How comes that they follow him without question?

How comes that they question me which they have not tested, and which they serve not? I have asked of them: Come! Come! Follow me! (I am the wayshower) Try me and ye shall not find me wanting, for I am he which hast said, "I shall return to find mine own"...that I shall gather up mine own that they might go where I go, that they might receive their eternal inheritance, even as I have.

Now it is come when the gathering is come, I tell thee of security, it is now come when I am come to find my own. I am calling upon them as never before...some hear and respond, some refuse to move, others deny that which is said unto them. While some hear, respond, and come and follow me; I shall give unto as I have spoken, as I have promised, for I do not make promises I do not keep!

I am not a traitors am the Lord God sent of mine Father to find them which He hast given unto mine keeping. Yet I tell thee, I can not bring them against their will...therefore I am not as the ass, they ride not on my back. They shall come of their own Will and their reward shall be theirs. They shall earn their right to call themself "Sons of God".

I am not of a mind to enslave them. They are free to come if they will so, or, to remain in their darkness and bondage and suffer the consequences thereof. Lo, I say the reward of following me is beyond man's imagining and his expectation, for no man, no language, can describe the fullness of my abode...the beauty, the freedom, the joy which they shall have as their own when they have earned it. It is theirs by Divine right, therefore I am sent that they might know there is relief from their suffering and bondage.

Yet failure to accept that which I offer is the deceiver's first interest. He provides all the trappings that ye be turned from me, that ye be turned from the light into the way of darkness, wherein ye find the idiot's delights, wherein ye dance unto the tunes to delight the senses of the foolish. They dance to the pipers tunes until they find they have been deceived, then they cry loud and long, "Lord! Lord!...have you forsaken me?" I ask of these foolish ones. "Where wast thee when I stood crying unto thee?" I ask thee, "Have ye given unto me service, or credit for being that which I am?

There are one which have heard me and answered me, which are serving me with their whole heart...and these are, for the most part, unnoticed, unheard, unseen by the foolish ones which serve the deceiver. Lest ye find thine self entrapt, I ask of thee, arise from thine dens of iniquity, thine places of gaming and the temples of idolatry...and come out from among them and see that which I do. Listen unto mine plea and try me and mine way, and be delivered from thine torment and bondage. So may it be according to the Father's Will...Amen and Selah

* * *


Sori Sori: I shall speak for the good of all mankind. Ye shall accept this assignment of delivering it unto them which are seeking Truth, the "light", which I Am. The ones which are fortunate to find shall be as ones to give unto me credit for being that which I Am. These shall be as ones to open their eyes that they might see before them that which is going on in the "World of Man".

They shall see and understand that these are the days foretold of older times.

I say unto all and sundry, the time of fulfillment is now come, when ye shall see these things recorded in the annals of thine history which is now upon thee. Enumerate these prophecies if ye will, (yet) these are not of a day, nay, neither a year...these are of many generations.

The sleepers shall awaken! These shall be delivered out before the great and terrible day of sorrow. These shall be as ones which have the will to come out from among the ones which know not, and (which) Will stay in the dark among the "outcasts" which have not accepted their "inheritance".

I say, it is the poison of the "Dragon" which hast been their choice...not of the light are these which are bringing about the fulfillment of the prophecies. These ones which have given themself unto the : Dragon" shall become to know wherein they have been betrayed by him from the underworld ( which is) now open unto the "World of man" today, as ye know it.

The sleepers which are awakened shall learn of me, as one which hast returned at this time to rescue them from the "Second Death". I come crying: Come! Come! Come ye up! Come ye out from the traitors, the ones which refuse mine Light which I bring. For thine own sake do I come as One sent of mine Father that ye be delivered from bondage...that ye be as ones "Enlightened".

Yet I see that which I am now giving unto mankind freely for thine own deliverance shall be as heresy in their estimate. So be it! I am come that the ones which have the will and stamina might come unto me as the "Light Bearer", the Wayshower"...their Bondsman" if ye will! I say I am called by the ones which have awakened, "The Redeemer". So be it, I am no less by any name, neither I am greater. I AM that I am.

I ask of no man his opinion, or his praise of me and Mine "Word" which shall not pass away. For unto the ones who mock me, which spur my call, I say: Mine Word shall return to "haunt" them when they cry for help, alone and forgotten, where they shall review their own rebellion and foolishness.

I say unto mankind: This is the "Day of Decision", the "Day of Atonement", yet, it is as ye make it! I am no respecter of persons...I come that ALL be brought out before the day of great sorrow. By thine own will shall ye be as one to choose which way ye go...I bring no one against thine will.

Hear ye that which I am saying? I am speaking loud and clear that ye with ears to hear might know that which I say! I fashion mine communication in such a manner that the ones which seek of the light might find. I speak in many tongues, many ways, that the seeker, the one which cries for light, might find.

For this I say unto each and every one: Remove thineself from the ways of the "world of darkness". Give unto NO man a penny for thine salvation, for he is not as one empowered to deliver thee. The one which asks for the coin is in no way the enlightened one. Be ye not his pawn, his captive, for it is seen by the Lighted Ones that that which they proffer thee in exchange shall be as naught in the time of need, the Day of Reckoning.

Be ye one and all blest which accept that which I bring freely, lovingly, awaiting thine call, thine answer to mine call..

I am the Wayshower

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