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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


Sori Sori: For this hour let us speak of the Spirit which animates flesh, the physical body...that which is called "man". The "man" is not physical. Flesh is flesh, and man is the pounder..."he" hast the spirit. Flesh is subject to the man, yet both flesh and man come under the Law in which it (flesh) operates.

Man of flesh, in flesh, is subject to the law of flesh. He hast the part of flesh, and limited it is. While man is the inheritor of eternal Life, he hast the (free) will. While flesh is subject to his will, he is greater (than flesh). He is the greater, for it is he which hast the will.

Flesh is naught save the Will, for he is as naught without the Will. He hast the will to survive, therefore he survives less he perish. I say unto him: Will to return unto thy Source...thy abiding place. The hour hast come when they cry out for surcease from their struggles and suffering...yet he wills to survive, while knowing not his "Source". He shall seek his Source, asking of no man that his survival be assured him. The foolishness of him which asks of man for survival...for no man can add one hour unto his survival.

While they think themself wise, learned in the way of science, they know not that they are wanting. They seek the secrets of "Life" in their test tubes, yet they shall not find therein the mystery of Life. For the Father holds within his hand the secret of Life, for He alone is the Giver, the Bestower, the Knower, the One which is perfect, without blame, without shame. He alone is the UN...the one untouched, without blemish.

So be it they shall seek within the realms of light for that what is eternal. They shall find that they have gone a long way, far afield, looking for the secrets so carefully hidden up....while I say unto them, "Come ye up higher, and see ye that which hast been accomplished within the Realms of Light".

There are things yet to be revealed unto man of science, beyond his highest aspirations...yet he shall be as one prepared to receive, for he is but the babe. He hast but begun his search, for there are ones which await his strength, his maturity, when he might be as one responsible for the greater revelation. He shall be apprised of his progress, and he shall continue his search....yet he shall search within the Realms of Light. He shall find therein many new and amazing secrets hitherto hidden.

Be ye as one responsible for thy part, and ask no man his blessing. Be ye as one blest to know from whence thy blessings cometh. Bow ye unto no puny priest which sets himself up and praises himself, which glorifies himself. Be ye as one on whose head I place mine hand, and ye shall be blest to know the true from the false. So be it and Selah.



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