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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: This is the time of revelation when ye shall be given the true story which hast been shrouded in mystery and lies, for the purpose of holding thee bondage unto a false and vile teaching.

I say it is given unto me to know that which hast been the practice of the false teachers which hold the power, such as millions have sold themself unto in their ignorance. By mine own hand I shall set straight that which these ones have caused. While it is not possible to undo that which they have done or caused to be done, this shall be their cross and it shall be great...heavy shall it hang about their necks. "The way of the wicked is hard"...Hast thou heard that?

I have returned unto the place of mine day of trial and judgment, where I stood before the ones who sat in judgment of me, and gave unto me the cup of gall. I say of a truth, it was they which gave me the bitter cup for water.

Now I am come again in flesh and bone that there be righteous judgment upon the vile wicked practitioners of "lies" which have held the millions hostage. Yea, I say they have been held hostage by that which these ones, which present themself as "holy men", have presented as true...these which are called "Good Father", they have desecrated the word "Christian."

They have made a mockery of mine words...their devotion unto me. They have been traitors, for they have committed all sort of "sins" while they sit in judgment, meeting out penance for the penny...even unto the innocent child which know not that which is being done unto him. Parents sell their children into slavery unto these hypocrites in their ignorance of truth.

I say these priests of lies, deceit, hypocrisy and vileness shall be as ones exposed. They shall reap a just reward, for it is measured out por for por. The time of judgment is upon the "Whore" (the Church)...she shall be brought to task/account, and pay the price for her sorry way. Her history is dark...yea black!

It is written and rightly so: I am come that that which hast been made crooked might be made straight. This is mine intent, and I shall do mine part to set free the ones which hast followed blindly the false teachings. I shall do that which I am given to do of mine Father...the one which is the Father of us all...for by his own word hast we been given that which sustains our being. He is the one and only one worthy of the name "Father," the only one to bow in Holy obedience.

It is known within the realms of light that which goes on behind the closed doors of their "holy"citadel...I say it is an unholy citadel full of corruption and blackness. I need not count the transgressions practiced, within these writings, for they have been documented in many places and by many of mine tried and true scribes...which have paid with their life...their physical form.

What of the woman? Yea, what of the woman? Answer ye man, what of the innocent woman which hast been brought into the holy citadel in her innocence and been betrayed?

By mine own mouth, mine own word, they stand accused of murder! The shall stand before the tribunal in judgment. They shall read their bloody record and hear the punishment meted out. It shall be the "penance" meted out unto them in justice, according to the Cosmic Law of Justice. Yea, penance shall be meted out according to the practice as it is recorded within the akasic record. (There is an infallible Law "as ye are prepared so shall ye receive" "The Law of Justice is just..there are no favorites. All are judged by their intent...each is his own judge")

"As he hast prepared himself so shall he it as his own creation, his own environment. It hast been called the time of the harvest, the reaping. Each shall be his own harvester...he shall accept that which he hast sown as his portion, without rebellion, for it is the Law by which each man (each being) hast his being. The Law is exact...there is no mistake in the sifting and sorting. Each one shall know that which is his, for his name and number shall be clearly written upon his "score sheet", which he himself hast kept in the hours of his restless rebellion or sleep."

Now I shall speak of this again, while we shall now speak of more wonderful things which shall be of greater Light...the School which is now ready to receive the ones so prepared for entrance.

* * * * *


Sori Sori: By mine hand shall I bless thee in this day, for there shall be great things done in a very short while. There shall be many brought in and they shall come to know that there is no death. They shall be as ones to learn that there is nothing to fear, for they shall be brought out from the shadow wherein they have been under the black hood.

None shall want or fear which shall come into this school of learning. They shall be free from all deception, all that hast held them in bondage. The shackles shall fall from them, for they shall come to know as we of the Council know.

Bless them, which come unto thee which shall bring thee in, for they are qualified to fetch thee, for they then know that which they shall do that these brothers be lifted up.

Be ye as one prepared to go all the way with shall ye be blest as I have been blest. So be it and Selah.

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