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The Ending of The Old Order


"The Beginning of The New"


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


The Ending of The Old Order &
"The Beginning of The New"

Note: The following message is from the Scripts, recorded by Sister Thedra. It is reprinted here as a reminder, that what has been said in the past is only now coming to pass....Also note that this was given long before the fall of communism and the breakup of the communist block countries...

This day let it be said that the Host has drawn nigh unto the Earth that the children thereof be lifted up...and for this do I give of mineself unto the work at hand. And I say unto thee, be ye as one prepared, for there shall be great action, mighty action...and it is but the beginning.

I have spoken unto thee of change, and there shall be swift changes come about such as man hast not imagined. For the time draws nigh when many governments shall fall and their borders shall be over-run with the terrorists, and they shall make war against the so-called civilized...and they shall defy law and order, and they shall pillage and destroy that which hast been builded up by the civilization which is at present. And it is part of the change of which we speak. It is the change which shall precede the New Order which is now brought forth. I say, it is the beginning of the new, the ending of the old.

Too, I say, that the ones which hold the peace sacred shall be as the light bearers, the sentinels, for they shall be blest. Let it be said that there are none among them which shall suffer in vain, for I know them...I know where to find them, and I shall not forsake them in the end.

Too, I say, that which they have set into motion shall run its course and be finished, to be repeated no more. I say unto thee, "This is the End Time" this is the end of the reign of darkness, yet it shall not be apparent unto thee yet awhile, until that which hast been set in motion is spent and transmuted, and the harvest reap't.

So be it that we the Host stand by to assist, for I have said, there are many amongst thee which are prepared to take up mine banner and go all the way with me. So be it I shall speak again and again that they might be prepared.

So be it I Am Sananda


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