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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


I am come that ye be prepared to enter into mine place of abode. Herein ye shall receive thine inheritance; ye shall find that it is worth the waiting, for this shall be thine reward. Now it is nigh time that ye be brought in...and ye (Thedra) shall find that ye have been here shall be as one prepared to share as one equal unto us. Herein ye shall learn that which hast been hidden from the child of art for aeons of time. The Truth, the real history, the full account of many progressions shall be seen and understood, for we have such methods as man hast never dreamed of.

We need no gadgets of such as Earth science uses. We need no "oil". We have everything necessary for our work, for our "tools" are light....of light are they created, therefore we create as needed. We have no need to store away or destroy that which is no longer needed, therefore we have no clutter, such as earth.

Be assured that we know when we use our "tools". We are well equipt! We are of the "Greater Power". Let no man set himself up as the greater power, for I say with the authority invested in me by mine Father, that there is greater power than man of flesh and bone hast dreamed of in all his dreaming.

I am come that Earth be lifted up, and I bring with me a Host of lighted beings. We are come for/with one purpose, one intent...that of deliver her (the Earth) out whole, safely, even as the children of the Earth. For as the children of accountability are lifted, so shall Earth be...for she is a living entity and she has come unto her full time when she shall find her new berth prepared and waiting. For she shall bring forth a "Son" as she moves out from her present port into her new place, wherein she shall rest and be prepared to receive the new generation, the Sons of God. For this is it said, "The Son born of Mother Earth shall be as a new moon which shall be the new school for the laggards that Mother Earth hast disavowed for her new place of abode.

These are the ones which have betrayed themselves...they have forsaken their mother which hast brought them forth and nurtured them. They are bastards, for they know not their Father. They have denied their "Source", therefore forfeiting their true inheritance. Even so, so be it that the new moon shall be their new school-room, wherein they shall grow to maturity with the new born moon. It shall be in the East that it is born, and in the East that it raises, and it shall set in the west.

It is said that this is the time of sifting and sorting, and it is so! The dark shall be separated from the light, for the two cannot occupy the same place. Be it so that I speak in simple language that even the child might understand that which I am saying unto thee. Be ye of a mind to learn of me and I shall reveal unto thee great and new things ye have not dreamed of.

Be ye, O man, not puffed up, for ye have not seen or heard that which is before thee. Ye are as yet babes at the breast. Ye are at thine creeping stage. Let it be recorded herein, that ye which are of a mind to learn, shall learn to walk...then run...even leap up where no man hast been. I call thee, O man of Earth...hear me and respond unto that which I have for thee, which shall be thine freedom from bondage, wherein ye labor for bread by the sweat of thy brow.

I speak unto the ones which think themself wise: "There are none so foolish". For the time is nigh upon thee when ye shall see that ye have betrayed thine own have sold thine birth right for a counterfeit penny.



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