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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: Mine hand I set to pen for the purpose of bringing Light unto a confused people which have lost their way. This shall be my own testimony unto mankind...and for generations yet to come.

Now that ye have proven thine self prepared to do what I shall assign unto thee, I shall give unto thee the greater part. That ye have been faithful in small things, I shall give unto thee in greater measure. Mine words shall be simple and the message clear that the child of little learning, or experience can understand that we which I say unto them. The ones which have the mind the will to receive the Light, Truth, which I AM, shall be as ones to give unto me credit for being what I am.

Now that the time is come to make mine self known I shall shout out from the Mts, and it shall be made known unto the ones which are of a mind to be brought out before the day of sorrow, So be it that I shall give unto each and every one a warning...and make ye no mistake about that, for I shall be as one which knows them which are of me, and the ones which are of mine enemy.

Now, I say of certainty, that the enemy is out of full power, therefore I am prepared to do that which is necessary to deliver mine people out. I have said that before, in many ways...yet hast it been heard or believed?

It is now expedient that I come in full force. I bring with me the whole armor of God the Father-Mother, which hast sent me with a mighty host. There shall be a great clash of power, for the dark ones are within the land as the destroyers. We of the Light, the Mighty Host, come that the destroyers be put to their end. They shall come face to face with the Host of Light, which they shall not be able to stand against, for we are well prepared for this day.

This day hast been foretold for eons of time, yet man hast not believed it to come. Man hast betrayed himself! Yea I say "Man", for mankind is as a whole. When I speak of man I see a portion which are of the darkest densest evil...Then there are ones which are of little light...Then there are the ones which are prepared to go with me unto greater Light wherein they shall find peace, perfect peace. I see the darkest ones of no light, no will of their own, going headlong into the pit of utter darkness. These are not any means.

This is the time of sifting and sorting, classifying unto their light and their class. While I speak of man, there is no intent to differ male or female, for we see the light by which they are found, and classified. The each entity (being) is put into the place for which he hast prepared it the glory of the highest Light or the pits of the darkest of the pits. Be it such as ye have not dreamed of in thine nightmares! I say unto one and all: each are dealt with as the have willed...with justice and mercy.

There is an infallible Law "as ye are prepared so shall ye receive". My words have been shouted from every land of Earth, for every generation, that they be prepared to go all the way with me. Now the ones which have been determined to destroy themself, hast gone so far that they have the power to destroy the planet on which they abide. This power, which they use, is the MISUSED power given unto all mankind for to glorify the Earth and all living creatures. This misused power shall be their ending, their own extinction...for it is foreseen that which is just and wise for the Host of Light to do.

The carnage shall come to an and. IT SHALL END! For no longer shall an innocent generation/people suffer such sorrow and destruction. Yet, let it be understood, that the blameless victims shall have the respite so earned. Even as they have sown so shall their harvest be...justice shall, and does prevail. By mine own command shall the day come speedily when there shall be a great and horrible blast which shall be seen from afar, and it shall take with it a great toll of energy which hast been misused. Then the tenor of the ones left shall be as one of Light.

There shall be a portion which have awakened and prepared, which shall be delivered up before the DAY OF SORROW. So be it and selah.

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