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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara

A for the coming of the end of the age, it is now come when the old age, called the "Picean" by man, by Earth dwellers is ended. I say unto one and all, the new Order of man is come now. There is a new day in which mankind shall change and be as nothing like that which he shall become in a shorter period of time.

The plan is new, as none before in his (man's ) early times, or cycles of developing. The ones which have not been prepared to arise (as was the purpose of his being upon the Earth in the beginning) shall be removed into "yon place" for his final development. He shall begin at the point of his development where he is when he is removed from the Earth. Should he be of such nature that he is incapable of any progression, then he shall be as one left off, as existence.

It is the law that mankind progress, even through the many cycles and forms of manifestation. However each cycle should be into greater heights, greater light...yet there is a great provision made for the laggards. At the coming of this present new age, new day, there is a method we have referred to as the "sifting and sorting", for never more shall "the sheep and the goats" lay side by side. The laggards shall not labor side by side with the ones which are prepared for the next place within the light, the temples of light as this higher realm hast been referred is also referred to as the "heavenly realms". But that sufficient for the present, for it is of no use to give unto the ones which have no knowledge of the way, the plan we have for this sifting and sorting.

Some of the mind/opinion which is part of the great fallacy...that when they die, they shall receive the same measure of their inheritance that their so-called Jesus, their Savior, has...that he paid the price of admission into their heaven wherein the angels shall entertain them with great anthems of praise to welcome them.

O, man of the dark age, awaken ye...arise and learn of thine Source, that which is the law of thine being. No thing concerning thine Source of Being is haphazard! The plan provided for thine progress is just and perfect, for it was given unto man as a divine experience. Learn and be as one alert. Learn of thine environment and his relationship unto each one, being responsible for his own part in the whole.

This was his earliest teaching which he was able to comprehend...that he was part of the whole of mankind, and responsible for his part. Some of the species called man have found their way hard, yet they have given of themself that others too have a mind, a should, with the same feelings and struggle to better their society, that others might be prepared to climb the upward way unto greater heights. While others care not for their fellow man, giving unto him no care, no thought of his struggle...leaving for the brother of his specie, his (the laggards) offal to clean away or transmute that others might have a cleaner freer existence. These are the laggards. These are the ones which have despoiled the Earth unto it's fill. While they but make mock of love and caring for another, they make liars of themself.

They speak falsely, for they are the wolves in sheep's clothing. "Money, more money" is their watch word. They coin their own money worth naught, that they might enslave the fellow man. They drink of his blood and wash their hands of his sweat. This is as we see him which hast no mercy, neither love for these which fills the "traitors" pockets.

Let it be said here in these documents, that his time is at hand when he shall make straight that which he hast "made crooked". In other words, he, the "Tyrant-Traitor" shall clean out his privy with his own hand. That which he hast despoiled he shall make clean. For it goes to say, he hast been a wastrel and of no value unto his kith or kin., therefore he shall be weighed in the balance. He shall atone for every last drop of sweat which he hast rung from his slaves.

I say he can not escape the law! I say unto the traitor which hast been his own worst enemy, "Take ye heed, for the day of reckoning is come". I am not the judge...Thou art thine own judge, and paymaster!



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