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Come Ye Out


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


Come Ye Out

When it is given unto man to be prepared, he shall be as one with the whole of Lightened Order. He shall have the privilege of going and coming between worlds...and as one of these, he shall be without limitation of any sort. He shall have knowledge of all creation, as we of the &&& (the Order of lifting up the fallen people which hast forgotten their "Source"). He shall be as the Father created him to be. This is his "inheritance". This is that which is meant by "Be ye free, even as I".

Let thine time spent profitably, for the call hast gone forth, "Come! Come! Come ye out". What think ye is meant by this call? It means, now is the day of awareness. Time is short...give you heed unto the call, and hasten to prepare for thine departure from the Mother Earth, for she no longer shall carry thee on her back. She is now prepared for her new berth within the firmaments. Her time is come that she brings forth a Son which shall foster another generation (see: Mine Intercom Messages from the Realms of Light), while she, the Mother Earth, shall be free of her own spores and whores which have tormented her. She shall be free, even as man which is so prepared to arise into the light as spirit, free from pain and sorrow. So shall it be as the Father wills. No longer shall the sons of man linger in darkness and unknowing, in ignorance of his inheritance, his origin.

Behold ye, O man, the signs of the time. The day is come when ye shall move. Ye shall be as one come alive and come out from under the "black hood" which hast blinded thine sight. Ye have been hoodwinked! Ye have followed the dark one down the primrose path! Ye have been tantalized by his bewitching speeches, his fetching ways, his glamor, and all his false promises. I say unto thee that hast followed him to the brink of destruction: "It is now time that ye heed the instruction which is coming forth from the Source of thine existence".

Be ye not concerned through which, or by what means we of the lighted messengers choose to give thee instructions, or protection. We use any means possible unto us, be it human, or innate matter. We even use the elements! Know ye that we have all power, and intention to use it for the good of all!

Yea, this All indicates other realms of Light also, for Earth is not alone in the family of the many planets and stars of the universe...Yea, universes! All are as "One" power, one whole, composed of many Orders of creation-life. Life is continuous throughout space. All is kin, and bound by the "Love of Life", which is eternal.

Man, as he at this time of his Earthly existence, is but the shadow, the shell (shall I call it) of himself...the eternal being, like unto the Source of his Being. At present, the age in which he finds himself as flesh made manifest, is but the age of awakening from his long sleep wherein he forgot his Source. Long his weary wanderings...sad his plight!

Now we of the cosmos have come nigh unto the Earth in concert. As light we come that man be made aware that he is not alone, doomed to darkness and destruction.


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