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From the newsletters "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Wherein is it written that "There are none so foolish as ones which think themself wise".. it is so! I see I see them which gather themself about their little altars, with their icons which are man fashioned. They are as ones gone mad, as they cry and chant their anthems in honor of the dead image (of Christ on the cross). They have given unto me no power, no honor, fort it is as the pattern of fools. The know me not! They are defiant as wayward children when I speak unto them. They fear their God! I say unto them, "I am the living Lord God...I live within are as mine children, of me ye have thine being". These words fall on deaf ears

It is now come when these shall be brought out from their places they have set aside for me, and defiled their altars with idols and all sorts of hypocrisy. I say, it is an abomination in mine sight! I am not moved by their pious prayers and lies perpetuated through their children's children The day of deliverance is come when they shall raise up and rebel against such foolish acts, which is but a farce. Within it is no substance, no truth, no light, with little understood of or by themself. For long hast the customs been practiced, until they practice them as robots, without feeling or understanding.

These which shall raise up and throw off the black hood and seek the light shall find it, for I am not afar off. I hear the humble cries for Truth and Light. These are ready to give of themself that others might find their way. I say, I shall reach out and touch them that they come to know me as I am...then they shall be as ones to give others of their knowledge that they be set free.

I see the greater light, for I AM the Truth and the Light...I AM the Way unto their eternal freedom. While I have given unto one and all, the "guidelines" that should be practiced as children of light, thy have given unto themself credit for being wise. While they have mocked me and mine sayings, they have forgotten these and distorted them suitable for themself. They have called themself "Father", knowing Him not..while they of such tenor hold the humble and weak in bondage

They ask pittance for penance, which they ask of their "victims". Yea, I say, these which bow down before these false gods are victims. This shall be as the past. It shall be gone, as the wind, to be used no more to hold bound the innocent which hast been held bondage. I say, this day is come when I shall throw down their altars of abomination. I shall set up the Kingdom of God upon the Earth, wherein the purified shall dwell in peace and harmony. For this shall the Earth be made new. She too shall have a new berth, and be as one free of such as hast desecrated her. She shall be no longer give footing unto the laggards.

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