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From the newsletters "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: This is a new day, the day of awakening, when many shall be called forth as ones made new. This is given unto me to know, for I have waited long for this day. While it is the end of one age, 'tis the beginning of the old fades out in a mighty clash, the new comes in with a glad SHOUT.

The old shall pass as a mighty sigh for us which hast waited long. The new day shall clear away all the stench, the dust, which, as a mighty cloud, shall clear away...and there shall appear a bright new world..

I say unto one and all, it is a time of change. Be not disconsolate or downcast, for it is a time of renewal and cleansing, refreshing, when all things shall be made new. This is the time long awaited. It is the time in which the Earth shall undergo her purification, even as mankind. For this there is great preparation within the Light Spheres, wherein all things are seen and known, and understood for that which they are and shall become.

We of the greater power/wisdom are prepared for this greatest of all age's dawning. I say dawning, for the greater light hast not yet come into view. The darkness hast obscured it for a time, yet I say unto thee, it, this glorious light, shall burst through the darkness as a great and mighty sound which shall be heard around the Earth, and every last living creature shall awaken unto the newness of his being. He shall find that he hast awakened unto a new nature, a new place, be it for better or worse, as he hast prepared him..

As he hast prepared himself so shall he it as his own creation, his own environment. It hast been called the time of the harvest, the reaping. Each shall be his/her own harvester...he/she shall accept that which he hast sown as his portion, without rebellion, for it is the Law by which each man (each being) hast his being.

The Law is exact...there is no mistake in the sifting and sorting. Each one shall know that which is his, for his name and number shall be clearly written upon his "score sheet", which he himself hast kept in the hours of his restless rebellion or sleep.

Let it be remembered the many calls that hast gone forth from the Halls of Justice wherein we of the ones of Light reside. HAVE YE HEARD? Have ye stirred? Are ye ready to receive that which ye have stored up for this day?

May it be a glad day for every living creature. For this we drawn nigh that it be as the Father of us all hast willed..

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