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From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Be ye as the hand of me and record mine word unto them. Say unto them as I would say, that there is peace for them which find it. There is peace for them which have peace within them. They shall establish peace within themself, and they shall be as ones at peace. They shall find such peace as shall benefit them, for they shall be blest as I have been blest of mine Father.

These which are prepared for the acts of war and aggression shall find that there is NO PEACE. They shall be as allies with the forces of darkness, and shall suffer by their own unknowing. Yet I say unto them, Ye shall find no peace, for peace is not established within thee. Fear not! Bear ye no ye not the aggressor, and thou hast not heeded mine word. Thou hast set thyself apart, and put thy hand into the pocket of the ones which labor for bread, that ye wage war on the aggressor. Who is the "aggressor"? Thou hast been both aggressor and oppressor, for thou hast done that which thou hast accused thine enemy of.

Hear ye me, O men of Earth...hear ye what I have said! Light I bring, for I am the Light of the World, come that there be Light within the realm of man.

Now ye have gone so far that there shall be certain action taken, and it shall be as nothing before seen, and it shall be part of the great and Divine Plan. Ye shall stand as one prepared to go where sent, and do that which is given unto thee to do, for it is clearly written that there shall be great and swift changes...changes which shall affect thine course, which shall bring about great and wondrous changes upon and within thy world, and all men shall be influenced thereby. Let it be for thy own sake, for it is said, "It is Well".

It is good that these changes be brot about, for man hast gone headlong unto his own downfall. Yet he hast been warned to Halt! Stop! Look! Listen and consider the end of this way, for he knows not that he is the cause of the end. His time is come...the end is at hand. It is said, thy days shall be shortened for thy own sake.

It is So! So be it and Selah

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