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"AFTER 1992"


From the newsletter "A Call To Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara


....."The work continues. Many around the Earth flourish through the seeds which you and I planted and continue to sow in the hearts and minds of men. I assure you of this, as I envision it with the capability of higher perspective".


Over the years we have all been given much information through the hand of Sister Thedra. During those years many great beings have given their time and their energy that we might begin to see the Truth of our existence, the greater reality and purpose of life itself. They have tried to help us to understand the darkness and falsehoods which have clouded our lives and our perceptions, which has kept us from seeing the truth of life as it truly is. They have also tried to help us to understand the spiritual awakening process by helping us to see the spiritual nature of life itself.

We have often been told that they are giving us the truth a portion at a time, in order that we might understand it as we go along. After a while those pieces should begin to fit together, and we should begin to awaken to the "reality" of what they are saying... to awaken to the greater purpose of our lives here on earth. This newsletter is an attempt to put some of those pieces together, to try and view the greater picture.

The outline was to begin at the beginning, the very "Source" of life itself, and go outward into creation to our own lives here on earth. But the most important point was... that this is not about the words or information, it is about the TRUTH which the words are trying to awaken within each of us... to awaken our memory of where we came from, of why we are here, and where we are going.


The Source

To begin at the beginning we need only look to the Source of all Life... But for one moment, just think of what it would be like if "Life" did not exist... never existed... ever!
Not just you or me, or life here upon the earth, but if the very CAUSE of life itself had never existed! If Eternity held only the silent voice of darkness!

Just think about it...

But to our joy, "Life" does exist. It Always has and Always will, because there exists that mystery of mysteries, which is the "Source" of all life. Call it what we will, it is simply the "Source" from which all life comes forth. It is the very CAUSE behind the Light that stands apart from the dark void of eternity, and it sends forth the light of life, marking the center of all Eternity as "Here and Now". And since each one of us know "Life", then that which we feel and ARE at any given moment, is coming forth directly from that "Source" in that same instant. We can not exist "outside" of life itself... and likewise we can not exist outside of the "Source" of that life.
We are ONE with it... we are that Light.

The light within a light bulb comes not from the bulb itself... but from the "Power" which flows through it from the massive generator which lights all bulbs. The "Source" is that unfathomable generator of Life itself, and we are like the bulbs that shine forth that light as Life itself. The thinner the wire (the connection) the dimmer the light... the greater the wire, the greater the light.

Our "connection" to the Source of all life is our Spirit. The more we awaken our Spirit, the more we strengthen that connection... and to strengthen that connection allows greater life, greater light, to flow through each of us. We see ourselves as separate entities only because we have "forgotten" our Source, but when we put forth the effort to "reawaken" our spirit, we re-awaken our Oneness with all of life. That is the spiritual awakening process which is now going on here upon the earth... yet there is more to it than "just Source and creation". The following is an excerpt from newsletter #56...

The Source - The Father

CCC This ye shall recognize as mine Order for I come on behalf of my Order which is ONE with the s s s
and the p p p. For we, as the three, are ONE.. One of mind, intent, and purpose, in the light of the One which ye call God. We call It "Father.", Source of being, for in this Source we have our being; unto this Source of light we owe our life, our allegiance; on this Source we rely. We are of It and in It - It sustains us. This Source we call Solen Aum Solen. There is no greater name, no greater sound than this, for this be that which brings forth great reverberations throughout the cosmos.

(Note: We are told "Solen" means "Ensouled within"... within all that IS.)

The Father - The Son

From the thought of Solen Aum Solen was made lesser light (a being - the Father) yet of the same and only Source, for there is but one "Source" of life. From this thought (The Father) was made or created a being (The Son) of the same Power and Substance as the thought set into motion. From this motion another thought created a likeness of the first being (now two Sons). These two Beings were also set into motion, which in endless ages took form, yet not dense bodies of flesh and bone. Another period of creation came about by this breathing in/out, in which these two took upon themself another change, wherein they became aware of themself as ONE, of One Source. This Source gave unto them free will, and as they became creatures of the will, they desired to create as the Source, in Light and Power.

The Son - Creation

"Now, we have the two (Sons), as separate entities with free will.. each empowered with the Power to create. One chose to create material substance (matter-worlds), the other to give of himself that other entities be sent forth even as he, in light body yet aware of the Source. This one, now aware of his being, his Source and Power, surrounded himself with many light beings (the Angelic Orders) with no will of their own, only to serve the Source of all light and energy. These creatures (Angels) were of light and energy, and the purpose of their creation was to serve the one which chose to give of himself that others might come forth as he..."

..."Now in this period these first two entities which emerged within the ALL, became two separate entities. One was given the mind to create planets, systems of star patterns, and fashion the heavens about, which is called the firmament. The other was given the privilege/gift of over-seer, the "Guardian Spirit""


Now, within him (The Son) the desire to create like unto the Source became manifest as a conscious entity, which was called Man. This Man became, after- aeons of countless changes, a creature prepared to take physical form, a dense body (of flesh). This became an age in which man was given free and a plan on or in which to work as he progressed...

Now, many of us have read that message previously, but did we perceive what they are saying?
If we understand it correctly, we come to see that the Source is just that, the "Source"... the CAUSE of life itself... from which all life comes forth, and which sustains all life in each and every moment. It is the mystery of mysteries, unknowable and unfathomable. It is the Source of ALL, and it sustains All... yet it, in and of itself, is not the "creator" of the universe as we know it.

The Creator, as they refer to Him, is the Father. For although He is ONE with the "Source" itself... He is an individual Spirit, the "Creator" who brought forth life as we know it.

And from the Father was created the "first born", the Son... who, even like ourselves, went through "Ages" before taking form, and again "another period" in which he became aware of himself as of One Source. It was he, this Creator Son, who 2000 years ago took on physical embodiment as Jesus, and who is now called Sananda... he was of the first born of the Father, yet he is also our Elder Brother, in that we are of the same Source.

The following excerpt will explain it further

Excerpt from Newsletter 6I

The "Source"

In the beginning, "Source" breathed forth a thought of pure light, (as a being) which we the Awakened Ones know as "Father". First the thought, second the stirring within the FatherI/Mother womb or Matrix.

The Father/Mother

These did not have bodies of dense matter, they were of pure light, yet with all the attributes o the ALL the "Source". They had the mind of their Source and also the endowment of the Source, such as Power- to create by thought.

The Son

From this step in creation, in timeless spaceless existence, was created by thought, one which went forth into the ethers (The Son) as a conscious Entity/Being. This one divided and became two, yet this one remained ONE of mind and spirit, yet two. This Self, and the power to create in the Fathers likeness. These two are now known unto thee, mine beloved, as Sanat Kumara and Sananda. These are known the "First Born" of the Father, yet there are none mortal form which can tell this unspeakable story of the Beginning. Even the greatest of parables are not sufficient, therefore by one feeble step at a time ye awaken from thine deep sleep...

- end excerpt -

From the previous messages we might under stand that;

"In the beginning, "Source" breathed forth a thought of pure light, which the Awakened One know as "Father"." Therefore from the "Source' came forth a being which is called "Father", a being which we refer to as God the Father, the Creator possessing all of the attributes of the Source, yet personified as an individual spirit.

From the Father was created the "First Born" Sons... an "Order" of beings, who, even like ourselves, went through a period of development before coming to understand their Oneness with the "Source". And it was through this Creator Son that the entity called "Man" was brought forth.

As Man, we too are now going through our time of development, coming to understand our own Oneness with the Source... yet it was through him, the Creator Son, that the entity called "Man" was brought into manifestation.... therefore he is called "The Lord God, for he is "Lord" of, and responsible for, that which he has brought forth. And although we ALL (The Father, The Son, and The Creation) know life because of the "Source" itself, yet it is the individual "spirits" which are The Father and The Son who seek to guide us in our development as Man, in our upward ascent.

I would also like to add here a few excerpts from the book by William Dudley Pelley, entitled the Golden Scripts, which will shed further light on this. The following excerpts are from Chapter 9I, and are given by the Christ Spirit:

20 "When I speak then of the Father, I speak verily of one who ruleth the Host of all thought Streams... a Spirit so aged that no man knoweth its antiquity.

2I "this Spirit in power is beyond even my conceiving, even as I was temporarily beyond your conceiving whilst in mortal flesh".

22 "this Spirit exiseth and endureth... older I say than any known to the host of those of whom I have Knowledge He is not God as men conceive God (the Source itself), nevertheless He is so wise in His conceiving that His power transcendeth that of any spirit projected onto any plane of which we have wisdom".

23 "When I say that I am Son of God and refer to the Father, invariably I refer to this Spirit, because with Him I am in touch and know no greater beyond Him".

24 "I tell you beloved, I believe others to be beyond Him, but of them I have no knowledge and probably never will have knowledge, for they ever receding (in stature) as we approach them".

37 "What I will tell you this hour is this: There is one God in respect that there is a Ruler of the planetary systems. This ruler, I say, is an old, old Spirit, older than any of us have a knowledge".

38 "His comings and goings are marked by vast cataclysms, so that stars do perish and reassemble in His presence. Verily is He incarnate in the universe as ye do know the universe of Light and sound, yet doth He dwell in presence upon a far, far planet, greater in extent than your minds can encompass".

39 "Behold I do go unto Him for instruction at intervals... a Living Entity who hath so great a power that for Him to speak is for creation to consummate".

49 "... for verily ye do have two rulers; He who was Jesus of Nazareth ruling you immediately, and He who ruleth over the Order of which Jesus of Nazareth is a member and in whose household He standeth well."

...Our Connection - Our Soul

So here we all are as "Man"... yet individual Souls seeking greater understanding of our Source. But for us to somehow , envision the Source, we must first realize... that "Life" as it goes forth from the Source is without form... it is the very "Substance" of life in its purest essence... it is pure Light. And that Light goes forth unto all living beings, with unconditional love.

Since our Soul is a "living fragment" of the Source itself, an individual ray of that Light, therefore it too is pure in its essence. It is not bound by any form, for it too is formless... it is pure light as consciousness... it is Spirit, having a common bond with all other Souls as Spirit. It is the individual fragment which gives us our identity, as an entity different from all others. And although each Soul comes forth pure, as pure Spirit, and ever remains so... it is also endowed with the gift of free will, by which it may thereafter choose its own course.

Now, if the Soul is pure Light then there can be no such thing as a "dark Soul" or an "evil Soul"... yet there are what are called "dark spirits" or "evil spirits", so how can this be? If all Souls are pure Light then what is the origin of evil or dark spirits? All Souls are brought forth in the beginning as equal, pure in essence, yet each without distinction. A newly created Soul is much like a new born baby, having all the attributes of life, yet lacking in both self-identity and stamina. An infant acquires stamina in due course, and acquires a self identity through confrontation with experience. In this same sense, a Soul must develop a sense of its own identity, and also comes to understand the nature of its free will, through experience.

The following is an excerpt from "Star Guests", by William Dudley Pelley:

"Know that in the beginning, my beloved, was no form... Intellect was, but man had no image of physical body. Always was he created spirit, by Spirit".

Know ye that Intellect sought flesh for a purpose. Man had no evidence of "Self" in spirit, meaning self as identity... Spirit had no identity as such. Only after long experiences on planes of flesh doth spirit feel itself. This identification cometh through the trial and error of life as mortal beings...

"Know therefore that man, as spirit, came into this earth-plane to incarnate for continued experience. Men were to know pain and pleasure through earthly senses, and thus gain to knowledge of themselves as separate entities"...

- end excerpt -

So at some point after its inception, a Soul goes forth into creation and begins to take on embodiments in form, and it progresses upward according to its own development. And as it gains in self-expression it develops an "identity" all its own, a sense of "self', an individual "spirit" all its own, according to its own free will choices. When the "spirit" develops as an expression of its own Soul, it is guided by the Soul, and its nature is that of light, a reflection of the Source from which it came forth. It expresses life in a positive way, with love and compassion for others, uplifting itself and in its own small way uplifting all others around it. As it goes through experiences in flesh it slowly grows towards maturity, towards "wholeness" within itself, towards the purpose of its own creation. Such a spirit becomes a "bright spirit", a reflection of the Source from which it came forth.

There is an excerpt in "Star Guests" which reads:

"Life was a simple and straight forward proposition to those children of the early days of humanity. But even in the simplest organizations of life there are those who strive to follow what little light they have, and there are those who choose to close their eyes to the light and choose to dwell in darkness"... "Not even Infinite Spirit can explain why this choice is made in the beginning..."

- end excerpt -

The Light within our Soul seeks ever to guide our spirits, for it is the "silent voice" of our conscience which keeps us on an upward course. But when a spirit closes its eyes to the light, and no longer integrates the Soul into its expression, then it no longer expresses the light of its Source. It identifies only with "self", therefore it no longer perceives its Oneness with all others. It begins to identify only certain peoples or certain beliefs, and often feels justified in mistreating or even killing others because of "self-centered" beliefs. It lives in darkness, for without the guiding light of the Soul it no longer perceives the difference. Such spirits often wreak havoc and suffering on others through indifference, bigotry, hatred, crime, greed, exploitation, terrorism, war, etc. Some try to justify such cruelty by invoking the name of God... yet there is no Light within their actions or their thinking... they have become "dark Spirits", for they no longer express the light and purpose behind their own creation. They have separated themselves from the light within their own Soul.

But in most, when the sense of separation becomes too great it begins to feel like a "lost soul"... it cry out to God for help, and searches within... and therein finds the light within its own Soul... and it is guided by the Soul back towards unity, for the separation was only in our own thinking. It learns the greatest of all lessons, and once again embraces light and return to its upward accent. The following is an excerpt from Sananda:...

"that is why we have ambassadors of Heaven that deal directly, "directly", with the living Soul... and there are ways and means that we have that we quicken, or can I put it another way, attach the spirit to the higher self (the Soul) to communication".

For there is such a thing as man (a spirit going so low, sinking so low, that his Soul detaches itself. It doesn't have to be for eternity.. shall we say it just rests, until that (spirit) which is so deep in the mire of degradation and evil that the Soul has let them go, again seeks the Light because the Soul is "light"...

- end excerpt -

The Lighted Ones seek ever to guide such spirits back to the light, back towards unity, for they know that these have not yet learned the greatest of all lessons... that life and light are synonymous. Yet despite their love and efforts, there are some spirits who become so defiant, so devoid of light, that they come to believe that they are truly separate from all else. They become so identified with "self 'that they come to believe the "self 'to be the seat of all power, and will fully embrace the darkness for their own ends. They seek only for power, and they reject the light of their own Soul, rejecting the "silent voice" of their own conscience, in will full disregard. Such spirits oppose the Light, for they oppose anything which would interfere with their quest for greater power, including the light of truth which would expose them for that which they have become. And since Love is the force which motivates Light, these spirits become "anti-Christ", for in opposing the Light which he represents, they have become devoid of the Love which would make of all men brothers.

In William Pelley's book "Star Guests" there is a phrase which I find very descriptive.

"These entities will simply program themselves right out of existence". A very suitable term, since these entities choose to go further and further from the Light, until they go backwards unto oblivion. Such too, is the power of free will... for such a spirit literally chooses its own extinction. Another excerpt from "Star Guests" reads:

"Know that those who hate the Light are devolving backwards into everlasting namelessness... while those who love the light are evolving upward into everlasting transitions of glory, until they are One with the Godhood".

- end excerpt -

Now through all of this, the Soul remains ever untainted by either darkness or evil, for the Soul is created of the very "Substance" of the Source itself... it is Light. It is a living fragment of the Source, wherein there is no darkness. It is only the spirit (the soul's developing "identity") which has created the separation, and therefore must learn the greatest of all lessons... that Life and Light are synonymous.

Those few spirits who choose to reject that Light are much like the young bud of a rose, becoming so enamored with itself that it willfully severs its connection with the bush upon which it grows... wherein it withers and dies for lack of sustenance... and the Soul simply returns to the Source.

Our Memory

We have all gone through many experiences, within many embodiments on various planes since our inception, yet we find that our memory of these experiences are not retained from one embodiment to the next. We find ourselves within this embodiment with no memory of what has come before, yet we are told that our memory is in tact, and will one day be restored. So if we do not retain the memory of previous embodiments, then where is our memory?

If the Soul is that which is eternal, then it is the one constant throughout all of the experience that you have ever had. The Soul has recorded the memory of every experience you have ever had, since its inception into creation (which for most of mankind on earth, was over 8 million years ago). We loose our memory with each embodiment because the Soul does not take embodiment - it is our "spirit", our developing "identity" which struggles with the lessons of flesh. And within each experience your free will choices add to the development of your "spirit", for the Soul seeks to guide it towards greater perfection, towards that unity and wholeness.

"So when we say that we are seeking to become One with God, what are we saving? How do we really become "One with God"?

If the Soul is a living fragment Of the Source, then "Oneness" is the process of becoming One with that which is of the Source... the fragment of the Source which we ARE... our own Soul. Our Soul is our Higher Self which seeks to guide our spirit towards perfection, towards unity and Oneness. It is through this experience that we finally come to understand our "free will"... for we must choose to return to that Oneness. And with the final union of our Soul, our Spirit and our will, there is wholeness... there is Unity... and there is Oneness... and therein is our eternal unity within the Source itself.

The Creation of Souls

Now, although all Souls come forth as equal at the time of their creation, all souls did not come forth at the same time. If the Source of all life has ALWAYS BEEN, then life itself has always been... and "Life" insinuates that there are beings who know and express that life. So if life has previously expressed itself through other beings, then there must, of necessity, be a vast array of beings within a vast number of higher dimensions of life. There is a quote in "Star Guests" by the Christ spirit which reads:

"25 ... We have spirits here with us upon the higher side, so powerful of knowledge, concept, and constructive emotionalism, that they do transcend even myself who am given the earth as my temporary ruling place. These Infinite Spirits, for I call them such, greater in power than any known to mortal men, have control of the universe as men know it. They are omnipotent and omnipresent in the world and in the universe, ruling it by Thought Projection, and enabling it to function"

- end excerpt -

In one of the previous messages we are also told of the Angelic Orders, who have their existence within higher dimensions... beings of infinite power and understanding. But our focus here is on those who, like ourselves, have previously evolved upward through physical forms, even as we are now doing.

Shortly before Sister Thedra's passing she began receiving the information for a book concerning the origin and development of "Man". Not just mankind as we know it here upon the earth, but what is called the "Order of Man", which had its beginning in the long distant past. Within the Order of Man, she was given specific symbols which represent various "Orders" within the Order of Man. These symbols represent the progression and standing of the various Souls within these Orders, and taken as a whole they paint a much greater picture of "Man" than we ever imagined.

The first and highest of these Orders CCC are referred to as our "Elder Brothers, for although they are part of the "Order of Man" just as we of the earth are, these beings underwent their spiritual evolution and grew to maturity within a much earlier cycle than ours. Having gone through the same process that we are now going through, and having come to understand their Oneness with the Source, they are no longer bound within forms of flesh, and now have their existence within the higher dimensions of life. As our Elder Brothers they have watched-over and guided the progress of younger Souls, we younger brothers, throughout this cycle here upon the earth, and they now seek to assist us in our ascent, from the bondage of flesh into greater freedom within the higher dimensions of life, which is our inheritance as sons of God.

It is important that we come to understand these "Orders" if we are to understand the larger picture of who we are as "Man"... yet with limited space in this newsletter, we will leave that for another issue of the newsletter.

Light & Darkness

We have all read the words in "Genesis":

"And the earth was without form, and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep... And God said, Let there be Light, and there was Light." And God saw the Light, that it was good... and God divided the Light from the darkness.

Probably the most important thing we will ever come to understand is the difference between Light and darkness. If you seek to understand the Source of all Light, then we must first understand what light is... but before we can perceive light, we must understand the difference between darkness and light. We use the words Light and Darkness, but do we really understand why they differ? Some people say, without thinking;

"Its all God... light and dark are just two sides of the same coin... its all just a expression of God". But, are light and darkness then, both attributes of God? If you Look around yourself, you see light coming from the Sun, from electric lights, from candies, from wherever... but you will notice that light, wherever we find it, always comes from a source... light is always created by a SOURCE. Light does not just exist... it always come directly from a SOURCE.

Darkness on the other hand, has no Source... it has NO Source It is simply the ABSENCE of Light ... the void which exists when light is absent. Can darkness then, be an attribute of God? Can the ABSENCE of Light come from God? Since darkness can not come from a lighted light bulb, then how can it come from the Source of all Light. If darkness can only exist when Light is absent, then darkness is NOT an attribute of God... it is the ABSENCE of God... for God IS Light.

But Light also signifies a "Source" of Power... and since darkness has no Source, it therefore has no "power" in and of itself. It is simply the void created by the absence of light. When you enter a dark room and you turn on a light, the darkness does not struggle with the light, for it has no power to directly oppose light.". Light always dispels darkness, for they can not exist in the self same space. Likewise, when the light of God, the Light behind all of life, is allowed to manifest within us, all darkness ceases to exist, for they can not exist within the self same space.

So who are the dark brothers and what is the dark force so often spoken about? They are those who use the life force, to enhance their own power, in willful disregard. They manifest the life force, yet they reject the light from which it comes forth. They are those spirits in which the Light of God, is absent. They likewise reject their Oneness with all other beings, for in their delusion they seek only for greater power. And since darkness has no power in and of itself, they can only create the illusion of power, by keeping others in ignorance' Their determination to do this represents the dark force... for they perpetuate darkness to conceal the Light which would expose them for that which they are.

The Origin of Separation

If we look at our own records we see individuals throughout history who would destroy humanity for their own power and gain, with no Love in their hearts. And even though they were each but one man, they created the illusion of power, and the masses (blinded by darkness) followed them blindly to exploit, to conquer, or even to kill whole races of men. In our own nightly news broadcasts we see the masses still following these kind of men, and the bloodshed and carnage wrought by one people against another. Yet this is NOT the intended expression of Life as it comes from the Source... it is the manifestation of dark spirits, a manifestation wherein the Light is absent.

But how is it that such dark spirits came to find expression here upon the earth in particular? All of this, we are told, had its origin in the Lucifer rebellion... but if you are like me, then somehow it all seemed like something in mythology, something archaic, having no connection to the "reality" of our own lives and illusions. Yet we are told that this event forever altered the development of life throughout the Cosmos, but nowhere more than here upon the earth. Therefore, if we are to understand our own situation as man, then we must also understand the "dark brothers" and how they came to be here upon the earth.

The first separation between the "Creator" and the "creation" seems to have occurred when Lucifer (one of our Elder Brothers, if you will) rebelled against the Father, the Creator Spirit from which he himself had come forth. He, Lucifer, was a High Son of God, who had within him the power of creation... yet he became puffed up on his own greatness. He gave unto the Father no credit, and gave unto himself credit for all that he was.

Excerpt from Script # I0

"For he had the power invested within him of God the Father to create even worlds, yea, to create and to populate them"......

"He was of the Father born, and he had received his inheritance in full, yet he had the audacity to call himself "Father" of all that is and was. He used the Law for his own end, and gave no heed unto the warnings of the Father. And when he, which is called Lucifer, was given the ultimatum, he called together his followers and said unto them: "Ye have seen my work... have I not created these things, have I not given unto these things life, and have I not been with you these days? If ye follow me I shall make of thee great a voted beings"... And when they gazed upon his handiwork they fell down and did worship him. I say great was and is their sorrow, for unto this day do they pay the price"...

- end excerpt -

Does that sound familiar? It sounds very much like the voice that still drives our "world" today.

That same voice still says:

"That "Jesus" stuff is not for you... your intelligent! Listen to me and I will make you rich and powerful... vanity, greed, self-indulgence, exploitation... are all acceptable because that's just the way life is. Everybody does it!"

Such is still the voice of the dark ones... yet how is it that these dark ones come to be here upon the earth and not on other planets?

Excerpt from Script # I0 ...

"Now when the war in heaven was but begun, Prince Michael was the one which came forth as the defender of Truth and Justice. It was he which gave unto Lucifer the ultimatum which banished him into the world of darkness. Even then, when the earth was in a different part of the firmament, and before her axis was changed, she was a dark planet, for little light went out from her. Now when this was accomplished, that Lucifer was cast out of heaven to the dark planet earth, he set about to all manner of experiments"

. ...I say unto thee my child, that unto this day does he make of modals a plaything. I say he uses Life for his own gratification. He gives no thought of his Godhead which was endowed unto him, and he has been as one imprisoned upon and within the earth for a long period of time.

Yet, I say he shall be removed forever, and the earth shall be freed from all his pollution, from all memory of him... So be it! He shall be bound in yet another place of darkness, and he shall take with him his legions which choose to follow him. For the earth shall have a new berth (within the firmaments) and a new birth, for she too shall be born again. She shall go through the baptism office, and she shall be purified unto the last atom. I say she shall be purified unto the last atom!"...

- end excerpt -

Of this same period, Sananda told Sister Thedra in an unpublished message from I954:

.. "They were as the time of the experimentalists with the UN (the greater mind) in the sense that they were of the mind to improve upon the work of the creator". "The ones who were the scribes (the experimenters), the ones who accepted in the name ones who accepted in the name of the false god scribe, were as ones who were cast down by their own hand, with Lucifer, to their laboratory earth"...

"Unto this day thy trial has been to return to thy Father's house. To many who call themselves "Adamics", it is told that they are the first of these to reach the earth. To this it was cast that they find their way as a carter, or one who carts himself. Their is no savior to cart him, he must be his own. To this we (of the Host) are coming to the earth as ones who have been watching for those who are ready of their. own trial (will), to take the sice (imposter) as the sice and the King as the King. To you I have revealed the past. The present is thy heritage. Take thy crown and say "No more will I be a wayfarer of Lucifer. To the home of my Father I returneth..."

- end excerpt -

Keep in mind that there were spirits evolving here upon the earth before Lucifer and his followers arrived here. But since they were young spirits with little light of their own, they were easily influenced by the dark ones. This is referred to in a quote from "Star Guests": ...

"It has been many ages since the spirits that have since become known as men, arrived upon this earth-plane, and engaged in creative mischief with the spirit particles developing here, and imbedded qualities into their composition that were never intended to disclose here..."

- end excerpt -

I would also like to add here another excerpt from "Star Guests" which read: ...

'And at the apex of them all stands a coterie of beings whom we might best describe as Super Angels, of such extraordinary capacity spiritually that they can manifest in any form desired for the accomplishment of their purpose. Lucifer was one of these, and well known is the story of how he used his transcendent powers wrongly. He is still in existence as an entity, we tell you, but shorn of many of his destructive capacities. He is not loose promiscuously, as so many theologians believe and teach, but is gradually being bound tighter and tighter by, the Christ Force, so that he is retrograding gradually into non-entity"...

- end excerpt -

This apparently was the event which befouled the natural evolution of the earth. This also was apparently the introduction of the "Dark Ones" 'into the evolution of the earth... who for many centuries have polluted our thoughts and thinking with a muddle of darkness, falsehoods and untruths... This darkness has also created separation within the populace, in differing beliefs, and in false gods, which are not the "Source", the "First Cause", yet the masses have been hoodwinked into accepting the darkness as the light. They have also created the mind within the masses to ridicule and belittle those who would speak the Truth or represent the light, even unto crucifixion.

But the end of this cycle upon the earth, the end of this age of darkness, is now here. Rays of light are now beginning to pierce the darkness, through the efforts of Sananda, the first born Son, and through his ambassadors of heaven, our Elder Brothers, who have NOT separated themselves from their Source. They are now calling unto each and every one of us to awaken to our true heritage, to our true origin. And those who hear and who choose to turn their attention and thoughts back unto the light will find that NOTHING which is of the dark can hold them back, for light and dark can not exist within the self same space.

The Sorting

As this age of darkness draws to a close here upon the earth, there is a sifting and sorting process which is now taking place. There are spirits of many varying natures now upon the earth, yet each must now choose their own course, their next environment, be it light or dark. This has been described as "Separating the sheep from the goats"... the difference being, that sheep understand that the shepherd is their to guide them, thus they follow him to greener pastures... Goats on the other hand are defiant, and simply do as they please.

Within the information received by Sister Thedra, mankind of earth has been described as being of four distinct natures.

... First are the Ones of Light - These are the ones who have come to realize that life has a far greater purpose, and are searching within their own Souls for greater understanding. They are asking for greater light, and are choosing to listen to the voice of the Soul, to listen within their hearts. These are no longer willing to accept the darkness or to follow blindly, but are seeking greater Light and are reaching for greater understanding.

... Second are the Sleepers - These are the people from around the world who are basically good people, yet they are asleep. They feel no urge to search for greater understanding, for they are still content within their dreams in flesh. They believe there is a God, yet they are content with false or limited concepts... believing that only the churches or the priesthood have the power to grant them entrance into heaven. They do not yet realize that they are already ONE with the Source itself. But the call is now going forth upon the "ethers" for the sleepers to awaken. We are told that when all is said and done that many of these will awaken to the final call, and will come forth seeking greater light. Yet those who choose to keep their fingers in their ears, who choose not to awaken, will pick up where they left off, yet in another place.

... Third are the Laggards - These are the ones who have made little progress during their long sojourn here upon the earth. Throughout many embodiments in flesh they have heard none of what has been given for their upliftment. While others sought for what little light was available, these "encased" themselves within their own ignorance and unknowing, and didn't even want to hear it. These, we are told, will go into the next cycle according to their choosing, to take the course over again so to speak. Within another place and yet another time, they will begin again... and once again they will be given the opportunity to go forward in their spiritual evolution.

... Last are the traitors - These we are told are the saddest of the lot, for they are the ones who have repeatedly betrayed themselves unto the whole rest of their species. These are the ones who have repeatedly sold out their fellow man for their own power and wealth, for their own gain and glory. Time and time again they have exploited their brothers and sisters, for they care only for themselves. They are also the war mongers, the hate mongers, who have repeatedly come into embodiment time and time again to incite hatred and oppression towards their fellow man, to incite violence and bloodshed, one against the other.

In the book "The White Star of The East", we are told: - ...

"While they shall awaken in the place prepared for them, they shall have their memory blanked from them and they shall have nothing! By their bare hands shall they scratch the soil for their substance (as primitive man). They shall have no memory of their previous existence, as tho they had none. These shall be the ones which have scoffed and put aside the many warnings sent forth from the realms of Light. These are the "traitors".

- end excerpt -

In the book "Star Guests" there is also a quote which reads:

"If from the beginning you were one of those who had closed his eyes, it shouldn't be hard to understand that so many visits into fleshy form would be necessary to get a desire for Light into the heart that has become inured in darkness. Many times, a soul that has constantly chosen wrongly must go back to the earliest form of Man, and join his brothers who are not far removed in consciousness from early animal groups"...

- end excerpt -

Our Creation - Our Harvest

The Life Force, as it comes from the Source, is unqualified, and does not judge our actions. It goes forth with unconditional Love, and it sends forth that Love unto one and all alike. It sustains all alike, be they light or dark. Yet that which each of us "creates", becomes our own, OUR creation, OUR harvest. "As ye sow, so do ye reap".

The Source sends the Life Force to each of us with unconditional Love... yet that which we BECOME is that which we ourselves have chosen. For those who would choose light, the process then is turning our attention back towards our Source, of again becoming an expression of life as it was intended to be... ONE with the whole of creation. That is why the Elder Brothers are here this day, that with the closing of this cycle we might finally end our long and troubled sleep in flesh, that we might remember our Source, and the greater light and life which are our inheritance as Sons of that Source, as Sons of God.

That is the spiritual awakening process.. that is the awakening. To re-awaken our spirit to our true origin, our Oneness with the Source of all life... the brotherhood of Man in the Fatherhood of God. We are the prodigal Son returning home...

The Laws

We have been told time and time again that all of life is governed by Laws, the greater Laws... the Law of Life. To abide by that Law brings life more abundantly... to transgress that Law brings destruction and death. Lucifer, we are told, understood the Law, yet he used it to his own ends... mankind, on the other hand, continually transgresses this Law because he is ignorant of it, therefore the earth is in the state we find it today.

Within the Scripts (the 73 booklets recorded by Sister Thedra) we are given much about the many facets of The Law, and they are repeated again and again. I have often heard it said that the Scripts are just too repetitious... but that is because we do not hear it the first time or even the tenth time, therefore we do not apply what is said. Despite what we have been told, we somehow believe that greater understanding will just be given to us, or that God will do it for us. But why should we expect help if we are not willing to put forth the effort? How can we say we have read the Scripts and still ask: What are the Laws?"

Sister Thedra once said: "Many call themselves light workers... yet no matter what we might call ourselves we have no excuse in the world for dragging our feet... none! And for the past forty years I have asked many times: Oh God are they all dead out there... And He says: No, they've just got their fingers in their ears."

The majority of people on earth are not of a dark nature, yet few put forth any effort towards greater understanding. Yet even those who are truly searching for greater understanding read through reams of material, and they try to decide what is true and what is not, because we do not vet KNOW the truth. We have been given much information, yet we find that having the information is still not the same as Knowing.

Yet we are told: " When you are made "whole" your memory will be restored - and when your memory is restored you will no longer "think"... you will KNOW, and you will KNOW that you know".

Having spent more than 20 years around Sister Thedra, I always saw in her that Light that was unmistakable... it was the light of someone who KNEW, and who Knew that they Knew. When someone would come to her for counseling, she would usually ask them: ""What do you know for sure? They would usually say ' : "Well, I believe (such and such) , and would often repeat what they had read somewhere. She would let them go on until they were finished, and would reply: "Yes, I have read that book too... but now tell me... "at do you know for sure. She used to say: Knowing is not an opinion or a belief, it is knowing what IS... it is letting go of opinions" and seeking to know what IS.. Don't just believe something, but seek to KNOW what IS.

Ending Notes

In the past, Sister Thedra would record the words as they were spoken to her, and I would send them out to all of you in these newsletters. She was the "connection" through which they spoke to us, but the purpose was to awaken that connection within each of us.

Thousands of pages have been given in the Scripts, in newsletters, books, and manuscripts, but we must put forth the effort to understand the Truth within them. What I have tried to do in this newsletter is simply to focus on that which is spoken of within the Scripts...

-The Source - The Father - The Son

-The Creation The Order of Man - Our Soul, Our Connection Darkness & Light

- The Sifting & Sorting.

I have tried to express it in words that would make you think about it... because the Truth is not written upon these pages... it is within each one of us, within our own hearts and Souls, for that is where our life truly exists. It is not simply in reading the words, but in going beyond the words to the "Living Truth" which they represent. The "Source", is not just a word or something in some far off place... the "Source" of all life is there, within each of our lives and in all life around us in every single instant. We need only put forth the effort to "awaken" - to "remember" the direct connection, and therein the separation ceases to exist... forever. The Light so often spoken about is there within each of us, but we must put forth the effort to see it.

Yet too often we look " outside" ourselves for something spiritual, for something or someone who will do it for us. But the "living fragment' need not look to others, nor need it look to "things' such as Crystals, Pyramids, vortexes, lay lines, star names, UFO 'S, or anything else in order to be spiritual. The "Living fragment" need only look to the "Source" of the very life which it IS... for therein is all that we seek, and all that we will ever seek. Therein is the awakening of our own direct connection... our Spiritual awakening.

Excerpts by Sananda:

I have given unto thee commandments (within the Scripts) which ye have not lived to the fullest. And ye shall this day begin thy search for the key which lies within these commandments. And bye shall be as one which has betrayed himself when ye pass them by lightly. I say, ye shall turn back each and every page and find them one by one, and practice them until they become thy very nature. I say this is thy key into the secret place of the Most High Living God, for none enter into His Place of abode unprepared. So be it that He has accepted thee, and yet ye shall not enter unprepared.

Too I say.. This is the day of preparation, and I say all within the place wherein I am, have come that ye may be brot in, yet ye and ye alone shall prepare thyself. And when ye are so prepared one shall come unto thee and give unto thee as ye are prepared to receive.

Each one has his own will - it is not lawful that I trespass on that gift so freely given. Now it is come when each and every one shall choose his course. He either chooses the hard and dangerous way of darkness, or the sure and safe way of light in which I abide. Thus I am prepared to give everyone which gives unto me his hand willingly. I ask of no one anything except obedience unto the Law of ONE I have spoken of this Law…simply it is, and often overlooked.

And now it is given unto them which seek Truth to be given these things which shall be unto them their Shield and Buckler within the days ahead. For now I say unto thee,

"Unless ye ask, it shall remain hidden" and therein is wisdom".

For it is the Law that when ye are ready ye ask, and the Father stands ready to supply thy needs. And it is such that not one shall be forgotten or overlooked, for there are many within thy midst which can pluck thee out at any moment and give thee that which is necessary unto thee.

And so shall ye seek within thine own self for the Light, that ye may be alert unto thy brother's Light. For light is like unto itself, it attracts more light - and for that have I made myself manifest unto them which have sought me.

And as they have sought me their light has expanded, and it has been added unto mine that the whole Earth might become a sun. And therein is great revelation unto thee, for as the man of Earth is lifted up so is the Earth that she might fulfill her mission. And be ye fruitful unto The Father, for He has given thee permission to be within the Earth for the fulfilling of this age... and that is a privilege given unto thee of God The Father.

And it is given unto me to speak unto thee as I have not for the past years of the "Silent period". And the silence shall be broken in all the lands of the Earth, and again I shall walk the byways and the hyways and be as ye. And as ye come into the age of comprehension I shall sit and counsel thee, and I shall teach thee the Precepts of The Father which has sent me unto thee that ye might awaken unto thy own "Sonship" and be as the wayfarer of Satan no more.

And it is indeed wise to ask of The Father that ye might receive me, for in no wise shall I intrude upon thy free will. And yet it is the will of The Father that I bring thee out of darkness; and for that do I wait that ye may come as ye are called, and by thy own free will. This is for the ones which have as yet not learned the wisdom of saying;

"Father, Thy Will be done in me, thru me, by me, and for- me"

- for therein is the KEY unto thy legirons which have bound thee. Be ye as one which knows wherein ye are bound, and wherein is thy freedom. I shall be unto thee bondsman, and I stand ready to loose thee of thy bondage at thy request. Ye have but to seek the Light which is of the Father.

Everlasting Freedom

Sori Sori: I am come at this hour that all mankind be awakened, for it is now come that the sheep shall be separated from the goats The ones which are prepared for to come with me shall be as ones lifted up, and these shall no more go in to bondage... freedom shall be their portion forever!

I have said, many are now come unto me. These are the ones which are the greater light, which shall go where I go, and we shall rejoice that the day of deliverance is come. By thine own will ye shall be brought out. I am declaring unto mankind, that I am come for the purpose of finding the lost and delivering them into their rightful estate. I have given unto mankind many gifts, that they might see and know that there is a greater "Source" in which they are part or have their existence.

This is mine intent... to give unto each and every one which has the will and the mind to accept, mine gift of total Freedom. While I come as man, man has given unto me many names, and fought for their right to bow down before their images of their gods... yet they have given their "little gods" power to destroy and leave them in desolation. I see and know their plight... I Am the "Living Light" they seek.

While they profess to know me, they have looked in the dark shadow world for signs and miracles, which are but the lesser manifestation. It is now come when they shall see, hear, and feel the power of the Greater Light in which they have their being. It is said many times, that there shall be great and sudden changes, which shall be as the will of the Father. Many shall be as ones come alive and remember mine words... Yet there shall (also) be the laggards which have stood steadfast and declared their "god" the only one.

These which have denied me as the one sent of the "Source" shall find their Images shall fail to give unto them that which they had imaged or hoped for. They shall find that they have been hoodwinked, misled... that they have been as puppets of the lesser gods to whom they have builded great and impressive Altars and prayed for their enemies destruction I Come... yet I come not to bring peace! I am come bringing with me a host of lighted beings, and we carry with us the light of the Living God.

We need no metals, no armor other than that of "Light", in which All have their being, their Eternal being, which is indestructible. This is that which I would have all mankind know. For this I come, that mankind, mortal man, see and know himself to be as I... ONE with his Source, even as I. I come not to bring unto thee great and fraudulent speeches to deceive thee, that enhance thy greed, thy gluttony, thy hatred for thine brothers with which ye are bound. I find that ye are seeking solutions for thine woes and thy failure to accomplish that which they think is the answer to Peace.

Peace, my dear ones, rests not on peace-pacts designed by man's mortal mind. These so-called solutions are but appeasements... yet even so, he, man, is better for the effort. Many a one hast been sent from the lighter/higher realm to teach and direct/lead him as a nation/country as a whole, in Unity and Brotherhood... one for All, All for one... in Love and Harmony.

This is the basis for Peace... which is not in sight at this late date. I come crying, Come! Come, I have for thee a great gift, Everlasting Freedom, when ye are prepared to receive it. I give unto thee in the many ways, yet the only sure way for lasting peace is...

"Love Ye Thine Brother As I Love Thee"

This shall be thine code of Arms. Art thou prepared to walk with me? Or are ye content with thine lot? So be it as ye choose! We shall not impose upon thine sacred gift (of free will)... Sacred indeed it is! I Am the Wayshower From The Fountain Head Sori Sori: Mine beloved, I am speaking for the good of all, that each one might be prepared for his part in the great plan which is now in operation.

There are ones which have heard the word yet not understood the meaning thereof. They have given themself credit for understanding, while they do not see that which is going on about them. They see not the way of the traitors, the bigots, the hypocrites... neither do they see the ones sent of the Source which shall overcome the darkness. When I say, 'There is a time for all things, the sowing and the reaping"... now is the day of reaping, the gathering in.

It is not done in one of man's days or even years, yet the ones which have eyes to see shall surely learn that there are changes which are afoot. Be alert and watch with an open eye and an understanding mind, and ye shall be the one to overcome the darkness of unknowing. To learn of the light of the "Source" is to see the Light, to understand the word which I the Lord God give unto mortal man for his well being.

He hast but to listen and follow mine way without any preconditioned opinions. Empty out thine cup and ask for pure water from the fountain head, the Source, and it shall be filled... yea, to overflowing...

(Sister Thedra May 6, I900 - June I3, I992)

In our desire to make available messages of encouragement and instruction from those of greater understanding, we here at A.S.S.K. know very well that to progress one must be always ready to move forward into greater fields of learning. Despite this realization, this is one issue of A Call To Arms that we had hoped we would not have to prepare quite so soon. This being said, we now wish to release any selfish desires on our part, so that the greater good be served... and that His will might be done. As many of you know, Sister Thedra's 92 years on this Earth have not been easy ones.

Having worked with her, and often being around her 24 hours a day, for over 20 years, I was always aware that she was never free from the physical pain. The past six months have been extremely trying days, and often I would hear her quietly crying as the pain only increased... however, never once did she ever fail to get up at I, 2, or 3:00 a.m. every morning to receive those wonderful messages which have inspired and guided us all so much... and never, never, did she ever complain.

On Saturday, June I3, I992, at exactly I0:00 p.m., Sister Thedra made her final transition in the comfort of her own bed here at A.S.S.K., with two of her friends present. When the time arrived she simply took one small breath and then slipped quietly away, without pomp or fanfare. She left just as she had lived... as a humble servant for the greater good. She always said, that she was simply a messenger... the importance being in the messages.

This being acknowledged, we would also like to acknowledge our mutual feelings, one and all... that this is one messenger who will be deeply, deeply, missed. During her time of preparation for her departure, both Sister Thedra and Sananda left specific instructions as to the nature of the work of A.S.S.K. after her departure. Please know that this event does not end the work carried on by Sister Thedra, nor that of A.S.S.K.... to the contrary, this event signals the beginning of the greater work for both.

You might say that thus far she has simply laid the foundation... and the cornerstone is solid. The messages that follow are compiled to try to give you some idea of the significance of her passing, and of the expansion of the work... as she is now free to work unencumbered by the physical limitations and the pain which have so encumbered her in the past, and also from a place of "Knowing", with greater vision and first-hand knowledge.

She has worked here on the Earth plane for the last 50 years because that's where the work was needed... rest assured that her work now in the higher realms will simply be an extension of that work. For those of you with a subscription to A Call To Arms newsletter, we would like you to know that we do not know at present when the next issue will be sent out, as we do not know when the information will be given.

However, be assured that there will be a next issue... and we would expect that it will be well worth the wait... no matter how long! Sister Thedra's desires were that her body be cremated and the ashes be scattered, without any services or fanfare. The ashes will be divided into three portions...

One portion will be scattered here in Sedona, Arizona...

One portion will be scattered at Mt. Shasta, California, where she first established the "Gatehouse", and where she carried on the work for over 25 years...

The final portion will be scattered in the high Andes Mts. of Peru, South America, where she underwent her initial training and initiation into the Order of the Emerald Cross, and the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays... In honoring her desire, this will be done without services or fanfare.

Sister Thedra once told me about part of the 5 years she spent living in the high Andes Mts with the Indians of the area. She was living as they did, literally on pennies a day, surrounded by incredible poverty and hunger. At Christmas time she received a bundle of mail from the United States which contained several Christmas cards which had obviously cost a dollar or more, plus the cost of the postage from the US to Peru. She told me how she wept at the thought of those cards, and how that little bit of money could have done so much greater good had she been able to use it to feed those around her who were going hungry on Christmas day.

In light of that, for those of you who might be inclined to send flowers, cards, etc, we might suggest that you simply send it in the form of a small donation to keep her work going during her absence. We are sure she would approve.

Sananda The "Source" of All Life

Sori Sori: Mine beloved, I am now speaking unto thee for the good of all. Let thine hand be as mine, for are we not One in that which is the All, the ineffable "Source" of life, which is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. For this are we "One" in this Oneness. I say unto all and sundry: Ye and I are One... there is no separation. Life is eternal, moving thru the multitude of cycles... ever changing, ever upward and onward in the All Life and Light, which is symbolized by the unbroken circle 0, encompassing the whole of creation.

There is nothing outside, for every thing or form is of this "Source", which has no beginning, no end... this being the great mystery. Mankind of flesh and bone can never fathom the Source of the All, the Everness, until he hast learned the Law of the One and become One with it... then he becomes free from all darkness, all pain, all hatred, greed and malice, all bondage. He shall know such freedom as I know.

I know my self to be the Son of God, sent of the one which mankind calls "God". I am light, I am love... I am the wayshower, the good shepherd, sent of the Source to bring thee home. For the time, the great cycle, is now come when the gates of the heavens shall swing wide to reveal it's mysteries. There are many planes, many things to learn, which ye shall learn by and thru thine own effort, thine free will, which is the precious gift given unto mankind as-he went into bondage, into the world of mortality.

I have called unto one and all, "Come Home! Come Home!". I have prepared a place for one and all, and each shall find it such as he is prepared to enter in. He/She shall be in his own environment. He shall be known as he is, yet again preparing for his or her next cycle, his or her greater part. Mine time is come when I shall find the lost lambs. I know mine flock and they know mine voice. I bring no one against their will! Hear ye me... I say there is no death. Life is eternal... many stages, many forms... ever lighter, brighter, and more glorious...

The Host

Sori Sori: This day I say unto them which have a mind to learn, that there are ones which stand by which await them. These ones which await their (mans) preparation are as ones illumined, and prepared to give unto them that which they have not learned within their Halls of Science or Philosophy.

We of the host have come from many galaxies to add our part unto that of our brother and compatriot, Sananda ... for he hast formulated this great and marvelous plan which he hast now completed for the benefit of all which have the will, the mind, to come forth to partake of that which we are prepared to give unto them.

For this we offer ourselves that there be greater light within the world of man... that all darkness be no more... that there be peace within the place wherein mankind shall be placed when the hour strikes, for Mother Earth shall be evacuated. This hast been referred to. Do ye, the ones which are now within the place wherein ye labor in bondage, remember that which hast been said as. a warning? Did ye take note? Are thou prepared to go forth as one prepared to enter into the School which is prepared on behalf of the children of Earth?

I say, it is the greatest project which hast been brought into manifestation. Ye can not even imagine the magnitude of such as is brought forth in love and mercy, that there be light in the days of darkness. This shall be as a continual effort until every living creature is removed from the planet upon which ye now have footing. So be it I am One with the Mighty Host, the Great and Grand Council. We speak with one voice, one intent... that of bringing freedom unto an awakening people. We Will that all mankind awaken... So may it be! This is our mission, our intent.

Source; A.S.S.K. Association of Sanada and Sanat Kumara containing the Teachings upto the last newsletter "A Call to Arms" vol. 76. This was the last issue we received shortly after she finished her mission on Earth.
New address of A.S.S.K since Sister Thedra passed away in 1992;
P.O. Box 197 Mt Shasta, CA 96067 (USA) tel 530-926-4772

Prepared out of love and gratitude

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