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From the newsletters "A Call to Arms"
Recorded by Sister Thedra (1900-1992)
Source; The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara



Sori Sori: Where shall I find thee when I call? Where hast thou been when I hear the babies cry? Hast thou heard them? Hast thou given thot of these little ones which have been deprived of that which ye enjoy...the life which so many waste in useless pursuit of pleasure?

Hast thou been within these places wherein these little ones are destroyed by the ones which deliberately tear them from the mother's womb? Know ye these ones? Hast thou heard the cry of the unborn? Wherein have ye turned thine head that ye see not the horror of it.

Art thou one to sanction this bloody carnage of the innocent? Wherein hast thou given thought of the cause of their suffering? Think ye they do not suffer? O, ye sleepers! Or do ye know that which is done in the name of thine unknowing?

I say unto one and all, "thine "sins" shall find thee out" is not a plattitude...t'is the law, that what ye saw ye shall reap. Hast thou learned the meaning of this expression? When a soul hast been brought forth, then deprived of its material sheath, it is the responsibility of each one which hast a part, willing or unwilling, in such as is portioned out unto the unborn. Think ye there is no pain involved in this the worst of all crime?

I say, there is a Law: "Ye shall not kill". Hast thou heard this, or have ye considered it thine privilege to take that which ye cannot give? O, ye unenlightened ones! I ask of thee, list unto me, for it is of great concern unto us of the realms of light. There are ones which have come unto us scarred from that unholy deed thou hast committed against these little ones. Know that the responsibility in this thine time shall come...thine time of reckoning shall come, for none escape the Law.

I say unto thee, be ye alert and see that which ye do. Know that which is involved within this "evil"...for think ye not that there is no evil involved! For it is the work, the prompting of the dark force which prompts such action and gives unto thee to say it is the "right" of any one which so ever enters into such activity! Could ye but see the cloud of blackness which hangs about these traps of death, ye should be as ones bowed down with remorse and fear.

* * *

From the newsletter no. 53

This I would ask of thee, " Hast thou destroyed (by abortion) one of my little ones which had not the time to breath the breath of life? I say unto thee, there shall come a time when ye shall see that one so aborted face to face. Ye think, "It is done..finished?" Nay! Nay! For ye have not reckoned with the Law of Life. O ye physicians, Awake! Awake! Think ye are wise? Wherein have ye been schooled? The pity of it! We see thee as ones moving amongst a great black horde of entities which overshadow thee in thy dark deeds. I say ye are in the pit...the darkness which consumes thine being. There is no light from or within the places wherein the practices of death are common and of the darkness. There's a huge black cloud of despair which hangs about these places of abortion.

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From the Book of Sananda more on "Abortions"
(recorded by Sister Thedra)

When it is come that they bring forth children which are malformed and they deny them and their right to express themself, they are as ones preparing for themself the bitter cup. For I say unto thee: "The procreation act is sacred," and it shall not be given unto them to escape the Law when they use it for their own satisfaction, without thot of the results thereof. I say unto them, they are responsible for the results thereof.

When they call for a BEING that he might take upon himself a vehicle of flesh and they destroy that embryonic vehicle, it is indeed their "bitter cup," for it shall bring about a race of barren women which hast not the power to bring forth and the fortune to be tormented thereby. I say, they shall be tormented because of their inability to bring forth children.

These shall be as ones which have not heeded the Law of procreation. These shall be as ones which have given of themself in sexual indulgence and self indulgence without the Light which governs such creation. Let it be said that there are none exempt of or from the Law. The abortions are undoing of many which are now practicing such, as they are wont to free from responsibility.

While it is said that there are non exempt from the Law, there are ones which are incapable of bringing forth offspring. These are the ones which have fortunes such conditions unto themself in time past, and they, too, are under the Law.

Let it be said that they shall suffer the results of such as abortion, and they know not how great their suffering shall be. Such is Mine Word unto thee this day. A word should be sufficient, yet they go their way and heed not which I say.

So be it that I see them as a heedless lot - for this I have spoken out that they which have asked might KNOW THE LAW.

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