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Ludwig D.J. Eggermont
Email: ldje@iae.nl
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If you have an interest in what I have done during my active years in Philips you can get an overview. You can also have a look at the titles of the patents which I filed for Philips, the related publications external to Philips, and the titles of some of the major talks that I have given all over the world. I also have written with great pleasure two scripts for videofilms. See below for my involvement in professional organisations, organising sessions, workshops and conferences.

Recent professional activities:

  • The "Applications Technology Roadmap" is released!! I coached the Core-Team of the MEDEA+ organisation during about one year to produce this roadmap. You can download the Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Scope and Introductory chapter for free from http://www.medeaplus.org/webpublic/publ_atrm.htm

        On that web site you can also find how to obtain the full document for Euro 500.

  • In March 2003 I gave a two-day course on Technology Roadmapping Methodologies and Processes at EU/JRC/IPTS
  • The "Embedded Systems Roadmap 2002" is still available for downloading for free from http://www.stw.nl/progress/ESroadmap/index.html
  • In August 2001 the facilitation of a roadmapping process for a major European R&D centre was started
  • Early 2001 the facilitation of the roadmapping process for the "Embedded Systems Roadmap" was started
  • From 1 September 2000 onwards:
    running an independent consultancy business under the name of
    Eggermont Consultancy to provide research and development with services and process facilitation in the following areas:
    • Technology roadmapping,
    • Vision and strategy development,
    • Process analysis,
    • Knowledge and competence management,
    • Technology transfer.

    To date most contracts have been in the area of Technology roadmapping

Professional activities for Philips:

Design Technology at Philips Semiconductors (1 May 1998 - 1 September 2000)
  • Managing the Design Technology Group until 1 October 1998
  • Setting up the Strategy Process for DTG
  • Investigating System-level Design Methodology for Systems-on-Silicon
  • Some internal Research co-ordination tasks
  • Some external Research relations management, setting up a partnership
  • Co-ordinating Philips contribution to the MEDEA EDA roadmap
  • Investigating the consequences of the NTRS/ITRS ("SIA Roadmap") for Philips Semiconductors

EUREKA projects

  • I was involved in MEDEA as Director of the MEDEA Office in Paris since 1 January 1997.
  • JESSI (Joint European Submicron Silicon) program (The JESSI home page does no longer exist)
  • Philips JESSI co-ordinator from May 1991 until October 1996
  • Project leader of JESSI project AC75 G: Design Methodologies and Tools for DSP Systems-on-a-Chip, and initiator of its successor project in MEDEA: A 403 System-level Methods and Tools

Technology Management

  • As Senior Consultant until 1997 involved in:
  • Computer Aided Design and Electronic Design Automation
  • Digital Signal Processing. For general information on DSP see the DSPnet home page: DSP .....the emerging technology as symbolised by the logo I designed

Further professional activities

European Design and Automation Association (EDAA)

  • One of the founding fathers (founding date 29 June 1993) and designer of the logo
  • Chairman of the EDAA from 9 March 1999 until 13 March 2001
  • Chairman of the DATE Sponsor Committee until 13 March 2001
  • Maintained the EDAA home page until half 2001. The new site should be operational now. Click here to visit the new EDAA web site.
  • Secretary of the EDAA Main Board from 1993 until 1999
  • Organised the EDAA System Design Technology roadmap (400kB download!) activity, which in its last phase became part of the MICRoN project of the EU after an initial funding by Philips, CAVE and SGS-Thomson

  • EDAA is a non-profit scientific association that is a legal entity, registered in Belgium
  • For more information on EDAA click the logo to visit the (old) EDAA home page

CAD for VLSI in Europe (CAVE) Workshop

  • Member of Executive Committee (since 1983) and designer of the logo
  • From the CAVE Workshop originated the European Design Automation Conference EDAC in Glasgow in 1990, which after many mergers resulted in the current DATE Conference and Exhibition (see below)
  • The last Workshop held was in December 1996 and it was devoted to the System Design Technology roadmapping activity of EDAA. See above.
    For more information on the CAVE Workshops click the logo
    to visit the CAVE home page
  • Maintains the CAVE home page since the 22nd CAVE Workshop in December 1995
  • CAVE has been integrated into the EDAA in 1997. EDAA is since then looking for potential future activities making good use of the CAVE funding possibilities.

European Design & Test Conference and Exhibition

  • ED&TC originated from the merger of EDAC, EuroASIC and ETC in 1995 in Paris
  • Vice-General Chair of the Organizing Committee of ED&TC 96
    held in Paris at CNIT from 11-14 March 1996
  • General Chair of the Organizing Committee of ED&TC 97
    held in Paris at CNIT from 17-21 March 1997

  • Past General Chair of the Organizing Committee of DATE 98 in Paris

DATE (Design, Automation and Test in Europe)

  • This is my original proposal for a logo for DATE: the symbolic meaning of the dots is to indicate the multiplicative effect of combining the three disciplines design, automation and test into one event, e.g. a way to express synergy!
  • The final logo is apparently still evolving: see the coloured pictures below where the circle with stars is added, which I left out on purpose to avoid confusion (and irritation with the other merger parties!) with the European Design Automation Conference EDAC which is the original predecessor of ED&TC. See the EDAA home page for more history.....
  • Since ED&TC has merged in 1997 with Eurodac into DATE (Design, Automation and Test in Europe) member of the DATE Executive Steering Board on behalf of EDAA in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001

  • See the DATE website for the next Conference and Exhibition in Munich in March 2005

IEEE Signal Processing Society

  • This is the logo I proposed: a (processed) sinewave and a square wave forming an abbreviation for the Signal Processing Society, symbolizing the coming together of the analog and the digital world in one Society.
    Mid 1996 (another) logo was apparently accepted by the Society!
  • Member of Advisory Board of the Technical Committee on Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems (DISPS)
  • For information on the yearly IEEE DISPS Workshop (previously called IEEE Workshop on VLSI Signal Processing) see the Technical Committee on DISPS home page. The 1993 Workshop was held in Veldhoven and organised by me.

Program for Research in Integrated Systems and Circuits (ProRISC)

  • Member of the Council until early 1998


  • Graphical design
  • Photography/camcording
  • Gardening
  • and many others .....

If you want further information on the topics above just send me a message and click here

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