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Welcome to this website on UB40 with info from a collectors' point of view. These pages was previously known as the "Dubmobile" website. UB40 are a 8 piece reggae band from Birmingham in the Midlands of England. The band formed in 1978 and started their recording career in 1979/80 hitting of with the hit-single "Food For Thought / King". The band still record their material in the Digbeth area of Birmingham for their label Reflex Muzik (formerly DEP International).

The band are still busy recording new material. Their last album "Twentyfourseven" was released in May 2008 in the UK (10 track free edition with Mail On Sunday) and the band are currently preparing for a new world tour. The new 17 track album will be available June 16th!

2-DuB is sad to announce that both Ali Campbell and Michael Virtue have left UB40. The remaining members will continue as UB40. 2-DuB wishes both UB40 and Ali Campbell & Michael Virtue all the best in the future and hope sometime their problems can be resolved. UB40 announced that Duncan Campbell (Ali & Robin's brother) joined the band on vocals and Tony Mullings on keyboards. Other news sources claimed that Maxi Priest joined the band but this is NOT TRUE. Maxi Priest has his own band and career but does join UB40 on a few tracks on the new album Twentyfourseven. He also joins the band on stage at some tour dates.

UB40's back catalog is also widely available including their albums Who You Fighting For, Homegrown and the hits collection The Very Best Of. You can purchase official digital downloads here. The band are also involved in some side projects. Jimmy and Earl's Dub Specimen project saw its release in 2006 and Earl's labels Maximum Boost / Maximum Ammo keep on releasing new singles.

Who You Fighting For HomegrownBest Of Volumes 1 & 2

UB40 no longer have the official InfoCo fanclub ran by their management. Instead there are a few communities online run by Reflex Muzik / DEP International and UB40 fans like you. You can join the fans on the message board or a Dutch UB40 forum. Current info on UB40 can be found on the official website and this site has also many links to other fans' websites.

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