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all my editions are limited -mostly 60 to 200 copies- and mostly handmade. all design by Danielle Lemaire


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COMING UP spring 2019: 7" vinyl with Jon The Dog (JP) (Inner Landscapes) en 7" vinyl with Asuna (Sweet Dreams Press) (JP)


'Actitud' 2018.

uncut risostenciled A2 poster
59×42cm. risostenciled at Knust Press, Nijmegen
LImited edition of 25. price:
€ 30,-

There is also a cut version in an edition of 20. risostenciled A2 poster 56×39cm.

'The Best Of Danielle Lemaire 1997-2017'

CD + artbooklet 16 pages

released on the beautiful label Sweet Dreams Press from Tokyo, Japan

20 euro

a compilation of homey songs and musical pieces, with a lot of electronics, keyboards and fieldrecordings. the tracks were never released before or released on rare albums only.

you can order them here.

'She sang such lovely songs on the radio but I forgot her name' CD Danielle Lemaire

layered homey songs from the summer of 2017 with casio keyboards, electronics and fieldrecordings from Kanazawa, Bandung, Eindhoven, Breda, Anywerpen and Pecsbagota. edition of 200.

15 euro



'Synthesize me, hypnotize me, humanize me, energize me'

risostenciled A2 poster 2016
59×42cm. risostenciled at Knust Press, Nijmegen
LImited edition of 40. price:

€ 50,-



'Ghost bar' riso stencil print Danielle Lemaire

gestenciled bij Knust in Nijmegen. A4 formaat 23,5 x 32 cm. Oplage 85, 2016. Gesigneerd. Bosgroen op dik gespikkeld crush papier.

20 euro



Japan kaartje Danielle Lemaire. beeld: 'Amy' 8 x 10 cm. oplage 100. risostencildruk Knust

op crushpapier 250 grms cremekleurig

2 euro



Kapsel + interieur 11 x 15,2 cm.jpg. oplage 100. risostencildruk Knust press 3 euro



fullcolour kaartje 'Linda' 10 x 13,5 cm. oplage 100. risostencildruk Knust press 2 euro


fullcolour kaartje 'Holly II' 10 x 13,5 cm. oplage 100. risostencildruk Knust press 2 euro


Off set ansicht kaart 'Another weaving bead period' 10,5 x 14,8 cm 2 euro


Off set ansicht kaart 'selfportrait' 10,5 x 14,8 cm 2 euro


'Mijn land is tussen hemel en aarde' boekje Danielle Lemaire
Dit boekje, gestenciled bij Knust in Nijmegen, kwam uit bij mijn installatie in Toko Rassasari tijdens mijn deelname aan de Gelderland Biennale 2016. Het bevat tekeningen en een tekst over het leven van oma Son, die de toko runt al vanaf de jaren 50. oplage 200. nog enkele exemplaren in stock!/ almost sold out

15 euro




'Respiration'12' vinyl LP Danielle Lemaire
radical album based on layered homey songs and electronic soundworks resulted from a stay in the WORM studio; eldorado of analogue synthesizers from the Centre of Electronic Music.
vinyl 300 grams, artwork printed at Knust Press. edition of 150.

20 euro

12" vinyl record with risostenciled artwork 2016


Danielle Lemaire
risoprinted full colour artbook +
10" vinyl record with risoprinted inlay
stencilprintwork by Knust, Nijmegen

artbook is part of the drawing installation and exhibition PORTRAIT OF A HOUSE at Gravenstraat 7, Dordrecht, stichting Levende Meesters
with radioplay

edition of 150. 2015

30 euro

Kill Your Darlings...Not!

full length cassette, 90 minutes of new short songs, excerpts from radioshows -studio Brussel, de Concertzender- and more!

2014 bar-cas 014

label : Barreuh records Eindhoven

edition of 50

8 euro

JaDa double 10" The Vaults

JaDa - The Vaults'
edition of 150

double 10" vinyl record in folded handmade sleeve
stencilprintwork by Knust, Nijmegen
soundrecordings from the JaDaland archives

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen & Danielle Lemaire 1999 - 2005

30 euro


side Ja: Radio Bandung and kitchentools 6'15" / side Da: Music from the heart of Bandung 6'30"

released for the occasion of the exhibition 'Schaduwspel Gado Gado' at Artspace Flipside Eindhoven november 2012

residency Bandung, Indonesia

15 euro

Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen in coöperation with Danielle Lemaire

Book and DVD on artprojects residency Bandung, Indonesia

full colour documentbook on JaDa's Bandung artprojects 2012.
binded, hardcover, 52 pages, including DVD with 2 films: 1. the documentary on streetmusicians in Bandung  en 2. documentary on JaDa's (collaboration-) live shows, special-event visits and interviews in Bandung; also our final project in artspace Flipside in Eindhoven, NL.

52 pages, binded, hardcover including: DVD with two documentary movies

10 euro


20 euro

risoprinted artprints in box. white (gift)box, 10 folded sheets with text and images of extralarge portrait drawings of artist's friends.

stencilprint: Knust Nijmegen

edition of 75. all signed




in dit boek zijn 15 afbeeldingen te zien van portrettekeningen
van kunstenaarsvrienden die ik bewonder en sterk vind.
10 van deze tekeningen zijn in werkelijkheid meer dan levensgroot:
gemiddeld 150 x 220 cm.
5 van deze tekeningen hebben formaat 32 x 48 cm.
ik maak altijd eerst een foto van de te portretteren persoon.
daarna teken ik rechtstreeks op het grote vel papier dat is bevestigd
aan de muur, met een foto in de hand, trapje op trapje af bewegend.
de tekeningen hebben 2 werkelijkheden; die van mijn herinnering
aan en band met de geportretteerde en die van de geinterpreteerde foto.
de tekeningen zijn fysiek groter dan ik zelf ben.
ze zijn getekend met contepotlood.
enkele portretten in dit boek zijn ontstaan tijdens mijn residency
in Bandung, Indonesie in 2012 en hebben formaat 32 x 48 cm. ;
ik had toen een schetsboek bij me in deze maat.
zelf ben ik 163 cm. groot.

danielle lemaire    2013

ook te koop bij Extrapool's Graphic Shop Nijmegen en Boekie Woekie Amsterdam

FULL LENGTH CD: Traces in Waste

20 euro

layered varieted songs, some influenced by indonesian gamelan and chinese opera and ninety-seventees new age.some life recordings.

edition of 100. almost sold out (only few left)


FULL LENGTH CD: DEAR MR. LYNCH in beautiful embroidary box

25 euro

full length CD "dear mr. Lynch" with songs as "bridge", "dear mr.Lynch","not planned","moving Himalayas" and "Vampire de Cinema" and much more.

in a beautiful exclusive handmade box with embroidary on top (made in China) and photobook of people at the beach, Xiamen, 2010.
In een prachtig in China handgemaakte doosje met geborduurde deksel en met fotoboekje. kleine oplage, op voorraad.

artist Jim Shaw bought a copy of 'dear mr.Lynch' for his wife, artist Marnie Weber, in 2013.

(at Printroom, Rotterdam, where you can find more of my stuff)

In small edition, in stock.




11 beautiful songs and electronic pieces

2005 -almost sold out -

positively reviewed by Byron Coley for music magazine The WIRE

25 euro


small sized, made in China

17 euro


book "Aerials". smallsized. made in China.
language: english and chinese. 60 pages photos of my drawings 2007-
2010 and photos of aerials in Xiamen and HongKong, and photos "people
in the mist".


ARTBOOK with FULL LENGTH CD: Story of a Document Humain, Lucia Pamela

2010. history, pictures and a full length radioplay on CD

brought out for the exhibition / in collaboration with the van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

15 euro



10 euro

brand new songs,personal little stories sang by me and
played by me on organ and harmonium computer and other wonderful instruments;
taking turns with a few conversations in intimate atmosphere with friends at home-around-the-table.
This album is following up the EP 'Perfect Surroundings'
The CD has a fullcolour booklet with photoportraits of,amongst more:
Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen,Dick El Demasiado,Toine Horvers, Monique Peters, Jos Moers ,Wineke Gartz, Dick de Bruijn,
Dennis Tyfus,Peter fengler,Annemiek Engbers,Dorien Eggink,Kathty Heck,Maite Abella,Eva van Deuren. review


. .


8 euro

Artist's Book 'Conversations'
60 pages, full colour photos: 5 years of drawing, painting, sculpting and performing
Conversations on Art and Experimental Music (in Dutch) of Danielle Lemaire with:
Ferdinand van Dieten, VOF Zijlmans /Jongenelis & Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen, Mariette Groot (WORMshop) and Lilian Joosen

Conversations on Art and Experimental Music (in Dutch) of Danielle Lemaire with: Ferdinand van Dieten, VOF Zijlmans /Jongenelis & Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen, Mariette Groot (WORM) and Lilian Joosen

size A5


5 euro


size A5

64 pages, 32 in full colour,size A5, photos, stories,personal emails and letters,archivematerials on the art of Danielle Lemaire

*DARLING* vinyl record 12"

25 euro


edition of 300

In may of 1998 Danielle Lemaire brought out the LP 'Darling'.The LP contains 48.21 minutes of music,with hits like "Will we eat ice cream?"/"Boomboom"/"Darling" and authentic soundtakes from travels of Danielle through the Netherlands,the Arabic Emirates,Poland,Ireland and the United States. The record is dedicated to Lucia Pamela, an admired artist and musician.


15 euro


100 copies


34 tracks. 70 minutes of her lovely music Homemade songs and pieces. Comes with A4 full colour Art poster and lyrics to sing along.

Some live music,from performances in Extrapool Nijmegen and CBK Dordrecht, NL. limited edition, 100 copies.

was partly broadcasted in 'Pak Rammel' De Concertzender,NPS,december 2002; in the radio Antwerpen-show; KostenKoper Radioshow Panik L'etranger in Brussels,and several other stations



8 euro

73:08:41 sec

august 2000. 16 tracks. Comes with fullcolour artbooklet 16 pages. photos by Danielle Lemaire. Sounds: gentle landscapes...

very well reviewed in magazines Bananafish and Gonzo Circus.


*Danielle Lemaire 'LIVE IN LONDON'* 3"CD

15 euro

Danielle's successfull liveperformance in London. One of my best albums, Highly recommended. limited edition of 100

Danielle Lemaire *live in London* at the LMC festival. *summer 2002*

live singing at the standup piano mixed with innerlandscapes-sounds

JADA 10" record

25 euro

14 tracks by Danielle Lemaire & Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen as JaDa 2002. limited edition.

few left.



15 euro

*7"inch single on vinyl. The single is called "Earthsounds Diary".1998

(K-RAA-K)3 review in their catalogue: (nl)Innerlandscapes DANIELLE LEMAIRE: Earthsounds diary 7" All entries seem to be Dutch. What is it with them? They still drink too much milk so they grow too quickly. Anyway two fresh songs from a lady who believes in fairy tales (aren't we all??). The singing and emotions keep Nico in tribute allthough the music is a bit more nineties. Organpatterns scrapped with a pure guitar. Much better then "Droom Ik" and way more down to earth then the intriguing but unknown Darling lp. (which is still available though). This 7" comes in a one-time edition of 200.

15 Euro

*KOM / DROOM IK?* 7"vinyl

15 euro

special red vinyl single with two songs, made as an essential part of the exhibition 'De Droom Van Diederick' de Overslag Eindhoven. Artcatalogue of visual works (paintings) of Danielle Lemaire: 'Droom ik?'The single is available in a white sleeve. obscure.1997



two left

10 euro

Audioassette with 60 minutes of music, 34 pieces, homemade.


two left

10 euro

Audioassette, 60 minutes, a.m. songs sung live at the Art Academy of Den Bosch, september 1998 and several pieces from rehearsels and playing at home and at 'TROEP',an estafette-exhibition held in Tilburg,in the summer of 1998.




two left

10 euro

90 MINUTES. SleepWellstudio/InnerLandscapes production.

40 tracks; 20 pieces of original mechanical organ and musicboxes; 20 known and unknown songs of Danielle Lemaire.1999


four left

50 euro

Split of Danielle Lemaire and Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen

A-side, 24:20 minutes. who made the other A-side. september 1999. SleepWell studio/Inner Landscapes production.


12 tracks; interview-fragment Lucia Pamela jr., social meeting, songs, piano-improvisations and other mixes.

Other A-side by Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen: "5 Spinorama's", COSMIC VOLUME #9


some left E 30

Beautiful CD by Danielle Lemaire & Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen based on their collection of instruments, mainly organs, at their SleepWell studio in Eindhoven.

Brought out by Veglia, Belgium.

ORGELPATRONEN *JaDa invited by VEGLIA *Package by JaDa *total time of this CD: 73:42 minutes *99 Tracks VEGLIA februari 2002 All tracks are based on organs and keyboards out of the personal collections of Danielle Lemaire and Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen. Danielle Lemaire. Track 1 - 11 1 Ochtendvrachten. Morningloads. 1:47 min. 2 Aan. On. 2:22 min. 3 La Reste. The Rest. 1:49 min. 4 Nachtrit in de regen. Nightride in the rain. 2:20 min. 5 Omhelzing. Embrace. 3:45 min. 6 Vogels komen samen. Birds come together. 8:15 min. 7 De Werkplaats. The Workingplace. 2:40 min. 8 Herfstintrede. Beginning of Autumn. 5:30 min. 9 Premier moment. First moment. 22 sec. 10 Liebesweh 4:57 min. 11 Zondag. Sunday. 2:56 min. Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen. Track 12 - 99 12 t/m 99 ŒTempoš part Two. 2001.

Very limited edition. Handmade Sleeve.

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