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Need some graphics to enhance the looks of your webpages? Here is a list of sites where you can get animated GIFs, bars, buttons, icons, backgrounds, bullets, borders, design sets and cartoons!

Carla's Graphic Designs - This site provides free and custom designed border sets for your website.
Art by Nyanna - Free seamless tiles, border backgrounds and graphic sets for your website.
Pank Pages - Free buttons, backgrounds, interfaces, webpage templates and animations for your website.
The Gif Animation Site - Provides animated gifs for your homepage.
Animation Library - This site provides over 3500 free animations for your site.
Dancing Mouse Studios - Dark backgrounds, light backgrounds, embossed backgrounds, lines, buttons, they have'em all!
Animated Gif Archive - Free animated gifs to use on your non-commercial site.
Designs By Rick - This site has a huge collection of border backgrounds. - Provides free buttons, banners, lines, navigation sets, bullets and background for your webpages.
NetCreators Icon Page - Provides many animated gifs, icons, buttons and bars for your webpage.
Giffomania - This site provides many animations for you to use on your website.
Disneyclipart!! - The largest collection of Disney clipart on the web!!
Free Nature Pictures - Free nature picture and other images for your webpages.
ARG! Toons - This site provides free animated cartoon clipart for your website.
Regina Graphics - Free backgrounds, borders, bullets, buttons, images and set for you to use.
Venus Animated Gifs Archive - A collection of 2000+ animated GIFs, all credited, indexed alphabetically and by subject, with pages arranged for speedy downloads.
Awesome Icons - Hundreds of free icons for you to use in your webpages. - Free barlines, buttons, 3D bals, 3D bullets, fonts, backgrounds, arrows, balls and icons. - A collection of images including arrows, bullets, backgrounds, counter digits, and under construction icons for any site.
Background City! - Provides many free original background images for your site.
Absolute Designz - 101 pages of free backgrounds, barlines, and buttons to enhance your web site and much more!
Holiday Clipart - Some free holiday clipart for your site.
Inki's Clipart - Free clipart images for your personal webpages.
Aviation Animation - Claims to be internets largest depository of aviation animations.
Designed to a "T" - Free clipart, backgrounds, bullets, dividers and paint shop pro tutorials.
Absolutely Free Icon Library - This site contains over 2500 free icons for your webpages.
AndyArt - Free animated gifs, arrows, backgrounds, textures, buttons, bullet points, counter digits, letters, lines and rulers.
Xoom - This site provides a huge collection of free animated gifs, java buttons and photos.
1st page of animated backgrounds - This site provides some animated backgrounds for your page.
Anders Qvicker - AQ Art & Design - Free background, animated gifs, bars, lines, buttons and bullets.
Absolute Background Textures Archive - Over 3000 seamlessly tiling, attractive background textures for use in webpages, graphical software or on your desktop.
The Ultimate Christmas Site - A site packed with X-mas clipart and other goodies.
Free Web Graphics by Lauren - Free animated gifs, backgrounds, bullets, buttons and dividers for personal homepage.
WWWeb Factory - This is a flag site where you will find many International flags.
Equizotic - Free horse clipart and backgrounds.
Kid's Domain Icon Mania - A large collection of colorful, original icons especially for kids.
Boy Scout Graphics from Graphmasters - Free Boy (and Girl!) Scout graphics.
The Graphic Station - Provides many free icons, balls, animations, bars, lines and graphics for your website!
Cool Archive - Many icons, animations, arrows, bullets, buttons and bars for your pages.
MediaBuilder - A collection of over 10,000 images includes animated GIFs, icons, lines, borders and backgrounds!
A+B+C Graphics - Provides balls, barlines, buttons, arrows, bullets, backgrounds, and banners for your homepage.
A-1 Icon Archive - A site with access to over 300,000 free website graphics such as icons, backgrounds, balls, clip art, pictures, as well as html helpers, html editors, and more for you to download. - Many free graphics for use on your webpage provided by
Windy's Design Studio - This site provides many border backgrounds for your website. - Icons, Backgrounds, Dividers, Animated gif, and more!
Becky's Web Graphics Grab Bag! - Here you will find free border sets, bars, buttons and backgrounds for your webpage.
Nekochan's Graphics - Some fine animations, gifs and icons from Japan.
Shawn's ClipArt and Webateria - Provides toon characters for personal and non-profit sites.
Leo's Icon Archives - Many icons, caps and other graphics for your pages.
Realm Graphics - Free backgrounds, bullets, buttons, icons, lines and design sets for your webpage.
Pambytes - Free clipart site with more than 1000 backgrounds, borders, banners, bullets, bars, buttons and tiles.
The Wizard of Draws' Graphic Treasury - Provides cartoons for your webpage.
Page Works - Provides animated gifs for your webpage.

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