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There are over 40 public and private beaches to choose from in Curaçao. Most of the public beaches, while they are excellent for swimming, have no facilities. Private beaches may charge a modest fee. The southwest coast offers sheltered bays and beaches that are excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Windsurfing, waterskiing, yachting and fishing are available at resorts. Curaçao’s beaches are exceptionally safe. Shoreside, your only concern is the poisonous yellow and green fruits of the shady manchineel tree, which can cause an allergic reaction in some people if they come into contact with wet skin. Mosquitos and gnats that sometimes come out at dusk can be kept away with a good insect repellent.

Get to know the beautiful and rugged Curaçao countryside by jeep. Jeep safaris take you along narrow tracks past grand estates, mansions, caves, flamingos, huge fields of cactus and many gorgeous beaches. The experienced drivers can also make a night rally.

underwater park THE UNDERWATER PARK
The underwaterlife of Curaçao is fascinating and is a must for the experienced as well as the beginning snorkelers and scuba enthusiasts. Stretching more than 20 km (13 miles) along the southeastern shore, the park offers divers a chance to investigate untouched coral reefs, steep walls and two shallow wrecks. The underwater vision is super and the temperature of the water makes it possible to dive without a suit. The park have been granted the status of national park. Competition between the more than 20 diving-schools is crazy, and that makes diving on Curaçao relatively cheap.

The excellent fishing for species such as tarbot and pike in the sheltered bays of Curaçao, is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean. In particular, the 'Emmabaai' and 'Schottegat' have rich stock of tarbot and pike throughout the entire year. April, May and June are the top months with some really large fish amongst them. In some bays it is possible to fish for barracuda, horse-eye jack and ladyfish in addition to tarbot and pike.

Curaçao has an active social nightlife with music festivals all year long and dancing at the popular discotheques. Every day there are activities organised in the hotels such as Folklore night with buffet, live jazz, Latin night, Caribbean dance night, Manager's Cocktail Parties, Karaoke night etc. To qoute just a few examples. There are ten casinos in the large hotels in Willemstad. The games include roulette, blackjack, craps, mini-baccarat en gaming machines. Admission is free for all casinos.

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