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Curaçao Carnaval The native language of the people of Curaçao is Papiamentu. It's a creole mixture of Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, African and some Arawak Indian. It was developed during the 17th century by Africans as the mode of communication between landowners and their slaves. Only in schools the official language is still Dutch because Curaçao depends largely on Holland for vocational training. Almost every one on Curaçao speaks more than one language. At home Papiamentu is spoken; Dutch, English and Spanish are taught in school. As papiamentu is only spoken in a limited area (the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao), the people of these islands have made a virtue of need by having mastered three other languages. The inhabitants greatly appreciate it when you have taken the time to learn a few simple words and phrases in Papiamentu. Try these....

Bon Bini Welcome
Kon ta bai? How are you doing?
Mi ta bon Fine thanks
Bon dia Good morning
Bon tardi Good afternoon
Bon nochi Good evening
Por fabor! Please!
Danki Thank you
Despensa Pardon
Kon yamabo? What is your name?
Mi yama ... My name is ...
Pasa un bon dia Have a nice day
Ayo Good-bye
Dushi Darling/Delicious
Si Yes
No No
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