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Lou's poem about 11-09-2001

This page is a small tribute to  Lou Reed, I resently re-discoverd his music. And it really got to me. I just simply love his work. His lyric's  are so sensitive, and real.
I have seen Lou Reed live in the past with his 'Magic and Loss' tour. I liked it a lot. And I also bought the excelent album 'Songs for Drella' when it was released. This great album about Andy Warhol  which Lou made together with John Cale. And I had all the 'Velvet Underground' stuff
And I owned of cource the Berlin and Transformer albums but I was not really into his Music.

But this year I saw two of his Ecstecy shows, and I was hooked. What a performer!   I also was lucky to meet him, and I can tell you it was a great experience. At first I was a little afraid to meet him, thinking about the things that I read about him in the past. But none of that was true.
What a gentelman and nice person he was.
The last few month I started to collect Lou Reed too, and I'm going to enjoy his music more and more

You can take a look at my Lou Reed (small) Bootleg list at the bottem of my  bootleg list.
I would love to trade live Music of Lou Reed if you like to trade sent me an email

Thank You Lou (Reed) ;->