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Grain Design Program

GDP-Light and GDP-Pro

The Grain Design Programs (GDP) are software packages to design rocket motors and other gas generating devices. GDP comes in two versions. The Light version (GDP-Light) and a PRO version (GDP-PRO). The most important features of these packages are:

Capable of calculating ALL 2-D designs, like star, moonburner, bates, etc. Grains which can not be treated analytically, are treated graphically. GDP imports any bitmap (.pcx, .bmp or .gif) of your design from your favorite CAD program! Look at some simple examples, or examples of real missiles.
Image library generator: generates standard images of e.g. moon burner and slot burner. For these shapes it is not necessary to draw these grains first, because they are automatically generated.
Modular motor configuration. Each design may consist of several segments (grains).  Detailed information of the current segment is shown together with a picture of the current design on scale.
Segment editing allows copying and modifying of all other elements already in the design. Burn-back of each segment can be carried out, before calculating the complete design. In this way each segment can be evaluated individually.
Propellant burn rate and thermophysical characteristics are inputted in the propellant menu. The temperature sensitivity is used to evaluate motor performance at different ambient temperatures. Different burn rate equations can be used in different pressure intervals (e.g. for slope-breaks in the burn-law).
The nozzle is defined by a diameter or effective surface. Other input values may include expansion ratio, divergence angle, efficiency, discharge coefficient and diaphragm burst pressure.
Ambient conditions are given by ambient pressure and temperature.
User can select between SI or US input and output at any time.
Export graphics to printer or file. Text output of all input and calculated data to printer or file.
Graphical user-interface.
Context sensitive help.

The GDP-PRO version additionally features:

Full transient burn-back, includes igniter mass flow and engine filling and blow-down.
Each propellant segment can be of a different propellant type.
Checks for erosive burning.
And more, see the GDP-PRO page.

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